• Homework Tips for Parents
    1. Show your belief that homework is important to learning.
    2.Make an agreement about how much time your child will spend doing homework each day.
    3.Establish a homework schedule and do your best to stick with it.
    4. Provide a comfortable place for your child to work.
    5. Create a kit with essential school supplies to keep near work area.
    6. Remember your child is ultimately the one responsible for doing the work.
    from-Teaching Kids with Learning Disabilities in the Regular Classroom by Susan Winebrenner
    Strengthening Memory
    1. Take a Picture- to remember a new word imagine yourself as a camera and "take a picture" of how you imagine the word looks and something you can associate with it.
    2. Practice recalling memories from your past. Be as detailed as possible. You can keep a journal of these memories.
    3. Draw a picture of what you learned. This is good for history and science concepts.
    4. Make a silly sentence from the first letter of a list of words you need to remember. (I got through a lot of college tests this way!)
    5. Use the monthly calendars in your planner to break studying and long-term projects up into manageable time blocks.
    6. Each time you change classes, stop and look around your desk to see if you have everything you need and picture where you are heading, so you can get what you need from your locker.
                                                                           boy doing hw
    More helpful websites:
    http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/misunderstoodminds/intro.html  Mel Levine with great info. about different kinds of learners
Last Modified on February 13, 2019