• Homework Policy
    star Homework is an important aspect of the educational process and is a natural extension of the school day. Homework should be assigned each day in accordance with the guidelines outlined below. In all cases work assigned for home study should supplement and reinforce work done in school.
    In addition to the general purposes stated above, homework may be assigned in middle and high school to reinforce and broaden classroom activities, teach responsibility, and provide an opportunity for independent study. Teachers should always assign homework with specific directions. All homework that is assigned should be based on one or more of these purposes:

    1. to practice skills that have been introduced and developed in class

    2. to complete unfinished classroom assignments or projects

    3. to related understandings and skills developed at school to everyday life

    4. to enrich the school program by pursuing activities that can be shared with classmates the following day

    5. to provide for independent study or projects

    All written homework should be reviewed; other homework may be discussed informally.

    In assigning homework in the middle and high school, each teacher should consider the student's total class load. In general, homework assigned in the middle school should not exceed 25 minutes per subject per day; in the high school, such assignment should not exceed 30 minutes per subject per day.



Last Modified on June 10, 2019