• I. Spectrum class analog to a kids soccer match
    II. Being a volunteer
     III. Suggesting projects or field trips
    As a parent of grown adults, I have no regrets about attending a single sporting event my two youngsters (now adults) participated in - I wish I had gone to a few more. But I never actually was there at school during the day.  Okay, Mom and Dad, my goal is to have one of you come in to class one day, not so much as a volunteer, but to see what's going on, kind of going to a swim meet or a soccer match.  It should give a better sense of a small slice of the life of your youngster.  Come on, you can do it.  There will be some times where it doesn't make sense, like a test, but other times, , where it should be meaningful to you, and you can help out. .  You will be welcome, just send me a note as to a time that makes sense, or ask your child as an ammbassador from you.  Awkward?   Maybe, but it's in a good cause. 
    II. Parents have volunteered in the past, and have made a difference in education.   Whether you are a parent/guardian considering helping out, or a student trying to interest your parent in helping out, we really can use help.  Some of the events shown below.     Mr. Peck's Class
              1.  Parent helper during classes where an extra set of adult eyes & hands are appreciated. 
              2.   Providing learning supplies - e.g. "Cookies as atoms" lesson, "Gabriel Daniel Farhenheit and Ice Cream" lesson
             3.  Helping with outdoor activities such as bulb planting, work on the outdoor classroom, stream work, possible star watch and night sky viewing.
             4. Lending totally nifty science gadgetry, such as thermal imaging cameras.
             5. Chaperone for trek down the flood plain to the Potomac.
             6.  Helping figure out what to do as a next step in improving the outdoor educational assets of the school, the leading item being a restoration of an outdoor classroom.
    III. My Spectrum predecessor usually had one Spectrum field trip a year, often to the Halocaust Center.  I hope to continue the practice of Spectrum field trips, and do not feel limited to one field trip, although budgets will be limited.  I also will consider alternatives to the Halocaust Center, whether it's the African American Museum or I-Fly, I like options. 
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