• Copyright protection applies to all types of creative works, such as:  printed material, music, videos/motion pictures/ DVDs, illustrations/photographs
    Copyright law provides protection to the works of authors, artists, composers and others.  Once a work has been written, it is immediately protected by copyright.  This includes the internet; all material used from there can only be used with permission and properly cited.
    Under the Doctrine of Fair Use, teachers are allowed limited use of copyrighted material for educational and research purposes.  The following amounts are permitted:
          **Single copies of materials as they are prepared for class
          **Motion media:  10% or up to 3 minutes, whichever is less
          **Music:  lyrics up to 10% but not more than 30 seconds of an individual work
          **illustrations or photographs:  No more than 5 images from one artist and more than 15 images, whichever is less, from a collection
    Multiple Copies must meet the requirements of:
          BREVITY:  Text:  10% or up to 1000 words, whichever is less
                               Poetry:  work of less than 250 words and printed on two pages, may be copied in its entirety; work of larger size, only 250 words may be copied.
                               Picture books:  two pages or not more than 10%
          SPONTANEITY:  Teacher must initiate making of multiple copies.
          CUMULATIVE EFFECT:  Copy for one class only.
                      Copies shall not be used to replace textbooks or anthologies.  Consumables may not be copied.
    Acceptable:  Face-to-face teaching with it
                            In educational setting
    Unacceptable:  Showing a video strictly as a reward without securing performance rights; copying videos; and copying videos taped from boradcast cable networks
                                           Unacceptable Use of Graphics
    Copying or enlarging any of the following for use as a bulletin board or other types of display:
                         book jackets
                         cartoon characters
                                           Possible Situations
    Is it permissible for a teacher to show a video in class if the tape has a label stating:  "For home use only"?
    Yes, if the tape was purchased and is used in a face-to-face instructional activity.
    What is meant by "face-to-face" instruction?
    This means that the student and instructor are in the same room and that the work being shown is directly related tothe curriculum, not simply related to some type of previously-taught lesson or future lesson.
    To conclude a unit on protecting the environment, can a teacher show the school's copy of The Lorax by Dr. Seuss, concluding with a discussion of the movie?
    Yes.  The teacher is showing the work; it is an integral portion of the lesson; it is viewed in the classroom and a copy has been bought by the school.
    May a photograph be copied from the internet to use on a school web page?
    Unless specifically stated that it is in the public doman, assume it is not.  Fair Use does not include web pages.  If you want to use it as described, seek permission.
Last Modified on October 1, 2019