Virginia Readers' Choice
    Sponsored by the Virginia State Reading Association, the Virginia Readers' Choice program is treated as a club at Blue Ridge. We begin the school year by introducing all students to the ten chosen titles. These books have been selected through a process of nomination by the Virginia State Reading Association. 
    To participate, students agree to read four of the ten books in the program by the end of March 2021. All students participating will be recognized. Students who read all ten titles will be given a special reward at the end. Participants in the Virginia Readers' Choice program will keep a reading log - a simple check system - for the duration of the program. Reading logs will be maintained through Schoology. Students will be able to update their logs anytime online. The purpose of this program is to encourage reading for pleasure, to broaden student awareness of literature as a lifetime enjoyment and to honor favorite books and authors.
    Follow this link to see our Google slide show about this year's VRC selections:  Virginia Readers' Choice at Blue Ridge Middle School
    To learn more about the Virginia State Reading Association or the Virginia Readers' Choice program, you may go directly to the VSRA website:  http://www.vsra.org.