Welcome to Ms. Duvel's Website
    K Duvel
    Educational Background
    Marymount University, MEd, 1996
    The Pennsylvania State University, 
                BA German Literature
    Professional Background
    River Bend Middle School 2002 to present
    Lowes Island Elementary School 1997-2002
        Work should be turned in on the due date. It is important that it is done in a timely manner so that it helps you to understand what we are studying at the time you are doing an assignment. 
    Quizzes and Exams:
        Quizzes may contain any material covered in class or assigned for homework. Tests will be given at least at the end of each unit. You will be given approximately one week's notice before a test.
         An absence before the day of a quiz or test does not excuse you from taking it as scheduled, since tests and quizzes are announced at least a week in advance.
        During the course of working on a project, there can be quiz, test, and classwork grades. Work on a project can span several blocks, so it is important to keep absences to a minimum.
                         Tests/projects: 50%
                         Quizzes: 40%
                         Classwork: 10%
    Syllabus for 1st Quarter
    founding documents
    founding principles
    citizenship/ 14th Amendment
    duties of citizenship
    responsibilities of citizenship
    community service/ serving the public good
    traits of a good citizen
    registering to vote
    functions of parties
    similarities and differences between parties
    analyzing campaigns, speeches, etc
    high costs of campaigns
    electoral college
    how the media set the public agenda
    how individuals and interest groups set the public agenda