Projects: 80% of final grade
                                  Long-term assignments completed in class 
                           Graded according to individualized "menus," which can be found on ParentVue.
                Classwork:  20% of final grade
                   Shorter assignments and activities related to the long-term projects
                   May include sketchbook assignments, worksheets, and critiques

    Please note:  Late work will be accepted for full credit until the last day of each quarter.  Students who fall behind are encouraged to work with me to create a timeline and plan for catching up.  Students who are absent more than one-third of the total class time allotted to complete an in-class project will be given a shorter alternative assignment to complete upon their return to class. If a student misses more than 75% of allotted class time to complete a project, they will be considered exempt from that assignment.