• To: Interested 7th & 8th Grade Choral Students Only


    From: Rachel Binger


    Re: District Chorus Auditions for All-District Chorus 2020


                Each Middle School in Loudoun County will be participating in the All-DISTRICT CHORUS EVENT on FRIDAY FEBRUARY 7th at Willard Intermediate and SATURDAY FEBRUARY 8th at Woodgrove High School. This is an exciting musical opportunity and event for students looking to expand their experience singing in choirs!


    This year auditions will be held at Lunsford Middle on TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 5, 2019. For students to participate in auditions, the following must be returned to Ms Binger, no later than Friday, October 4th, 2019:

      * This form, signed with voice part.

      * The LCPS Universal Permission Slip (completed)

      * $10.00 Audition Fee (as required by LCPS Music Department)


    Students will learn a designated section of a song in their appropriate voice part (Soprano I or Soprano II, Alto, Tenor, or Bass) and will audition for judges behind a closed screen. There will also be an eight-measure sight reading exercise. We will be traveling to Lunsford MS from River Bend and back to River Bend by Bus. This will not be an all-day event. Schools have a specific audition block of time that will be announced later.



                Students who are selected to participate ARE REQUIRED TO:

    1) Learn all music with practice tracks prior to rehearsal week.

    2) Perform in the concert on Saturday FEBRUARY 7th.

    3) Attend both rehearsals/concert all day FRIDAY FEBRUARY 7th, AND SATURDAY FEBRUARY 8th.