• River Bend Middle School
    46240 Algonkian Parkway, Sterling, Virginia 20165
    Mr. Nawrot 




    Mr. Nawrot on the Galapagos Islands  




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    Biographical Information

    I am a student of Southern Illinois University. While at SIU I earned a B.S. in Biology and a certificate to teach 6-12th grade.  In 2011 I had completed a masters in Environmental Education.  I love learning about plants and animals and look forward to sharing that knowledge with my students this year.

    Class Expectations

    1. Be in your seat when the bell rings with required materials.
    2. Show respect for everyone... including yourself.
    3. Attempt Everything! Participate in classroom activities.
    4. Seek help when necessary. 


    1st - Verbal Warning
    2nd - Meet with teacher to discuss behavior
    3rd - Parents are notified
    4th - Referral to dean

    Grading Policy

    Assessments 80%           
    Classwork 20%

    1st semester we will be studying the following topics:

    • Science safety
    • Measurement
    • Ecosystems
    2nd semester we will be studying the following topics:
            Cell Processes   
         •  DNA  
    3nd semester we will be studying the following topics:
          •  Overview of Kingdoms
    4th semester we will be studying the following topics:
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