• French 1 and II  2020/2021

    Madame Wegeng                                         



    French 1 is a high school level course offered in middle school. Upon successful completion of this class (“C” or better), the student will receive one credit toward fulfilling the foreign language requirement for an Advanced Studies Diploma.

    French II is the second level course following French I. Foreign language in 7th/8th/ grade is an elective program of study. A high degree of motivation and responsibility is expected from each student throughout the year.

    I. Materials    

    Each student has been issued a numbered Bon Voyage French text book to keep at home.The textbook is on loan and needs to be returned at the end of the year.


    Every student is expected to have handy in their study area everyday the class meets:         

    The French 2-subject spiral notebook (8½ by 11) with pockets.

    -  The  four-color pen

    - The French textbook

    - The dry erase pen and the white board.


    II. Homework

     In Schoology, Students will be assigned homework (written and/or oral) every day the class meets due the following French class. It will be checked for completion and corrected. 

    Even though the French class will not meet every day, the students are expected to dedicate a minimum of 15-20 minutes every day to studying and reviewing the material introduced in class. 


     III. Evaluation - Students will be evaluated in their performance in listening, writing, speaking and reading through the following categories:


    20%  Minor summative (Class work, projects...)                                                   
               80%  Major summative (Quizzes and tests)
    0%  Formal formative (homework, some classwork...)
    1% Extra credit 

    French 1 being a high school course, there will be a mid-term  and a final benchmarks including oral and written expression as well as reading and listening comprehension.


    IV. Make-up work

    -         contact Madame Wegeng for guidance.


    Class Rules:

    1. Come to class prepared. This means with all the materials required for the class and with the assignments completed.

    2. Be on time and ready to work when the bell rings.

    3. Raise your hands and wait to be recognized before speaking.

    4. Follow directions the first time they are given.

    5. In what you do and what you say show respect for people, materials and equipment.