• These are some ideas of how you can help your student with history at home:

    1. Talk with your student about current events that are occurring. We will talk about some in class as well.
    2. Check with your student to see when assignments are due, and make sure they are working towards that deadline. I will do my part with this as well.
    3. Discuss what you know about topics that we are covering in class. Sometimes this will allow students to be more interested in a topic, and they may even come in and say, "My parents/grandparents told me about...." 
    4. Keep an open line of communication with me. If there is a problem or concern, please let me know as soon as possible. An email is usually the easiest way to communicate, but let me know where I can reach you and a convenient time, and I would be happy to give you a call. Happy emails are always appreciated too!
Last Modified on September 9, 2015