• Joy Jones

    School Nurse
    (571) 434-3223

    Student Health Office Things to Know:
    If your child has any significant medical needs, please notify the nurse even if the school has been notified in previous years.  If your child has asthma, diabetes, seizures, life-threatening allergies, or other medical conditions, you and the physician will need to complete a form so the school can understand and address your child's needs.

    • A parent or guardian must deliver any medication (prescription or non-prescription) to the school office or clinic.  Students may not transport any medication to or from school. Parents are responsible for picking up any unused medication.

    • If your child takes a prescription medication and if missing a dose would have serious health consequences (seizure medication, insulin, etc.), it is strongly suggested that a 24-hour supply of the medication be left in the school clinic in case of a prolonged school day.  The medication must be in an original pharmacy-labeled bottle and have a physician's order on file in the clinic.  The order must give the times during the 24-hour period it is to be administered.

    • The nurse must have written instructions from the physician in order to administer prescription medications.  These should include:
      • Student's name;
      • Name and purpose of the medication;
      • Dosage and time of administration;
      • Possible side effects and measures to take if those occur;
      • End date for adminstering the medication;
      • Parent signature giving permission to administer medication and to contact physician; and
      • Physician's signature

    • The nurse has a specific Authorization for Medication Administration form which should be used for physician’s orders.  Copies of the form are also available in the school office.

    • All prescription medication must be in the original pharmacy bottle with the proper label containing the name of the student, medication, dosage, and instructions for administration.  Upon request, most pharmacies will provide an extra bottle with the proper amount of medication for school.

    • If the nurse needs to give non-prescription medication,
      • It must be in an original package with the name of the medication and instructions;
      • She must have a note from the parent regarding when and how much medication to administer;
      • She will only give the amount listed on the package for your child’s age and weight and for the recommended length of time the student should receive the medication unless she has doctor’s orders on an Authorization for Medication Administration form to dispense differently; and
      • She cannot administer medication that is not in its original container.

    • Children who have fevers should be kept at home until free of fever for 24 hours.

    • Be sure to keep the “Emergency Information” up-to-date so that we can reach you if your child is ill or injured.