•     suppliesThe Math Department would like to welcome everyone Blue Ridge!  The key to math success is daily review!  Students should do math every day to fully understand the concepts.  Working on homework the night it is assigned helps students practice the skills they are learning while the skills are fresh in their minds.  Students can then use their resource block to ask a question or work on more practice.
         No longer is "I left my textbook at school" an excuse for not completing homework.  Students can access their entire math textbook online!  Your child should have their access code and password in their planner or in their math binder.  If this is not the case, please contact your child's teacher early on so that your student can set up an account.  The on-line version of the book also includes practice problems and games.
          Has your child asked you for help and you just don't remember how to do the math?  "Google it" or "You Tube" it.  There are videos out there of teachers, graduate students, high school students, and even middle school students teaching different mathematical concepts.  Another option for our students is to look through the videos available at Khan Academy
    Math 6 Math 7 Math 8 Algebra I Geometry
    Mrs. Fraser Mrs. Kuntz Mrs. Boyer Mrs. Klimek Ms. Pritz
    Mrs. McFarland Mrs. Miske-SALT Mrs. Rowley Ms. Pritz
    Mrs. Taylor Mrs. McDole (6/7)   Mrs. Nicholson
     Mrs. Boyer (6/7)