• Expungement Forms for High School Credit Courses 

    High School Credit Courses at River Bend include: 

    • Algebra I, Geometry and Algebra II/Trig
    • French, German, Latin, Spanish and Spanish for Fluent Speakers (Levels 1 & 2)
    • Technology of Robotic Design

    Based on a provision of the Virginia Standards of Accreditation, BVAC20-131-90, a middle school student who has taken a high school course while in sixth, seventh, or eighth grade (such as Algebra I, Geometry, Robotics, or a world language) may elect to have the course expunged (grade and credit omitted) from the student's high school records. Strong consideration should be given for expunging low grades in credit-bearing courses.

    When a middle school student receives a grade of "F" in a high school credit-bearing course, that grade and course will automatically be expunged. The student's grade point average and class standing will not include the grade from the expunged course, nor will the student receive a credit toward graduation for this course. This course will remain on the middle school transcript; however, the course will not appear on the high school transcript. Only credits which appear on the high school transcript will count toward a high school diploma.

    If you wish to expunge the grade for a high school course taken in middle school, the Permission Click Form must be completed and provided to the school counseling office. Please note the following:

    • If your student is a current sixth or seventh grader, please submit the form to your student's middle school counselor.  Please assure you are using the correct link.  This link can be found at the bottom of your Middle School Web site.
    • If your student is a current eighth grader, please submit the form on or before August 15. 2021 to the school counseling office of the high school they will attend.  Please assure you are using the correct link.  This link can be found at the bottom of your High School Web site.
    • Courses taken in middle school cannot be expunged in high school.
    • Students must be enrolled in the same course they are expunging for the upcoming school year, to successfully meet the pre-requisite requirements for course sequencing.
    • Parents/Guardians must write a separate letter to expunge the corresponding SOL test

    Please be advised that the decision to expunge a grade Is Irreversible and must be made prior to enrollment in high school. If you have questions regarding this provision of the Virginia Standards of Accreditation, 8VAC20-131-90, and how it relates to your child, please call your child's middle school counselor.

    Again to expunge if you wish to expunge your students high school grade taken in middle school you need to fill out this Permission Click Form.

Last Modified on June 8, 2021