• Why do parents contact a school counselor?


    *New school registration, orientation and transition
    *Concerns about academic achievement
    *Questions about course selection or academic plans

    *Special needs of students

    *Arrange for a conference with teachers

    *Family transitions

    *Student crisis situations

    *Test interpretation

    What does a School Counselor do? 
    *Works with students individually and in groups.

    *Provides systematic and developmental classroom lessons to all students.

    *Responds to student needs in crisis situations.

    *Orients students to new school settings.

    *Works with absentees and other at-risk students.

    *Participates actively in the referral process of students to special programs/services.

    *Participates in the referral process to services and agencies out of school.

    *Analyzes test results to provide information about abilities, achievement, interests and needs.

    *Coordinates efforts with other school specialists.

    *Conducts conferences with parents.

    *Helps with individual school, college and career plans.

    *Coordinates staff support activities.

    *Schedules students for courses.

    *Adheres to ethical and legal standards.

    How Is a Student Referred to the School Counselor?


    *Self referral  

    *Parent referral

    *Teacher, administrator, or staff referral

    *Counselor observation


Last Modified on January 16, 2020