External Organizations - Building Use Procedures
    Before inquiring about space at Potomac Falls HS, please review the LCPS Support Services page. On this page you will find information for how to become an approved organization for LCPS facility use. This must be completed by any organization interested in reserving space at a Loudoun County public school. Please note that all organizations must meet the requirements for school use outlined in LCPS School Board Policy 6310. Please make sure your organization also reviews the LCPS facility use fees and terms and conditions as well. 
    Please check school facility availability by using the calendar on the PFHS home page here.
    Fees may apply - detailed information will be provide upon request.
    Once you have become an approved LCPS organization, the group must complete and submit an Application for Building Use form to: Ms. Michaela Ottenberg, J.D. If you prefer an electronic version, you can access it here.
    Additionally, 1099 Forms must be provided IN ADVANCE of any services provided to the school or any program for which a payment request is anticipated. This information will be submitted to the county and a certification made for any person providing independent services BEFORE the services are provided. Examples would be Debate Judges, Referee services, musical accompaniment by individuals, etc.


Last Modified on October 2, 2019