NCAA COVID Update (4/2020)

    NCAA Eligibility Center

    All high school athletes wishing to compete in college at a Division I or Division II institution must register with the NCAA Eligibility Center. Information about the eligibility center can be found in the Guide for the College-Bound Student-Athlete. The NCAA national office does not handle initial eligibility certifications. Please do not contact the NCAA national office with inquiries regarding an individual's initial eligibility status, including whether transcripts, student release forms, etc., were received or about when you will be cleared. The NCAA Eligibility Center maintains and processes all of the initial-eligibility certifications.

    Important Note:
    Transcripts and test scores must be sent directly to the Clearinghouse. These documents cannot be faxed or submitted online. There are many reasons why a student's academic document could be determined to be "unofficial" and therefore unacceptable for Clearinghouse purposes. Test scores must either come to the Clearinghouse directly from the testing agencies (selection of the Clearinghouse can be made using code "9999") or on an "official" high school transcript, normally using the testing agencies' labels. Please note that Student Score Reports and test scores taken from a Student Score Report cannot be used by the Clearinghouse.
    Here's some tips for students athletes and their families: