•  SAT testing
      PFHS CEEB CODE:  472176 

      About the SAT students are encouraged to take the SAT beginning in 11th grade. They may repeat the test several times. The SAT tests are administered several times each year at high schools in and around Loudoun County. Students must register approximately 6 weeks (or more) in advance of the test. Students may register online at www.collegeboard.org. Through online registration, students will learn which testing sites have space availability. 

      SAT Subject Tests subject tests measure students’ knowledge and skills in a particular subject and their ability to apply that knowledge. Tests are offered in many subjects. Students may register online at www.collegeboard.org. The test(s) should be taken toward the end of the completion of the subject. For example, if a student is completing Chemistry in 11th grade, he/she should take the SAT Subject Test in Chemistry in the spring of the 11th grade. Not all colleges and universities require SAT Subject Tests. Students should check test requirements with colleges in which they have interest. Students may register for up to three tests in one day. The tests are given on the same dates as certain SAT Reasoning tests. SAT Subject Test Preparation Booklet, a free publication, is available on the College Board website and provides information about the tests and sample test questions.  

       Kahn Academy (free test prep):  https://www.khanacademy.org/sat
      Turbo Tutoring 
      Turbo Tutoring is providing a unique, comprehensive program to prepare students for the SAT! This program includes six, two hour long sessions over a three week period, leading up to the March SAT exam. The program is dedicated to showing the specific types of questions asked on the test, and how to master them. The classes cover both the English and the math components, and it specializes in talking about the patterns that show on the test, and how to eliminate answer choices. This class requires all students to wear masks, and hand sanitizer will be in the classroom. The ratio is a maximum of 6 students/1 teacher in the classroom. It will be from 5-7pm on the following Tuesdays/Thursdays: If you are interested, click on this link to register before it sells out! 


      Testing Tips from NovaStar Prep SAT Facts & Strategies