• Current Students:

    Any current student who needs an official copy of their high school transript will need to make a formal request by filling out the transcript request form: https://permission.click/MNEQO/us  

    • There is a minimum of 10 business days to process a transcript request. 
    • 7th semester grades will be mailed automatically to any college/university request made for seniors. 
    • A final transcript will be sent to the college indicated on the end-of-year senior survey.


    • If a transcript can be sent electronically, there is no cost. 
    • If the transcript needs to be mailed, there is a fee of $3.00 per transcript, payment can be made through the payment portal:  Potomac Falls Payment Portal


    A cumulative scholastic record is maintained for every student enrolled in Loudoun County Public Schools. LCPS offers a convenient and secure website for former students and third parties to request student information or records online.