• New Student Registration

    New Student Enrollments are by appointment only.  

    School Registrar: Ms. Lisa Torick     Phone: 571-434-3204   Email: Lisa.Torick@lcps.org

    STEP 1: New to LCPS? Pre-register online!  Returning & re-enrolling with LCPS? Please email Ms.Torick (lisa.torick@lcps.org). 

    STEP 2:  Schedule your registration appointment. 

    • Due to the time involved, enrollments are by appointment only.  Please call 571-434-3204 to schedule a registration appointment with Ms. Lisa Torick AFTER you have completed the online registration above.  When you call for an appointment, please notify us if any of the conditions listed below apply to your son/daughter:
      • Your child is transferring from another LCPS high school.
      • Your child receives special education services (IEP or 504).
      • Your child speaks English as a second language.
      • You are not the parent of the child you wish to enroll.

    STEP 3: Obtain the required documents for registration. 

    • The following information will also be required to complete registration:
    • Student’s Original Birth Certificate*
    • Parent/Guardian photo ID
    • Expulsion Statement, the form for which you will obtain from Ms. Torick
    • Proof of residency** (entire signed lease , deed, or settlement papers with parent's name) 
    • Immunization records showing that they are up to date***
    • TB screening done within 90 days of registration. Ms. Torick will provide you with this form.
    • Please fill out, sign, and email or fax us the Request for Transcript Records at your earliest convenience so we can request official records from the school the student is currently attending.  Ms. Torick will provide you with this form.

    *An original certified birth certificate is required. If an original birth certificate is not available, an affidavit substantiating the information is required. These forms are available in the School Counseling Office upon request.

    **Proof of residency:

    • Parents of enrolling students need to prove legal residency in Loudoun county (and in the Potomac Falls attendance zone) by providing a deed, settlement statement, mortgage statement, or lease agreement for the address at which they report to live.
    • If a family is living in the residence of a friend or relative, provide a completed, notarized Shared Housing form. They must also provide a deed or lease for the address at which the family is reported to live.
    • In addition, the enrolling parent may be asked to provide additional documentation to verify the stated address, e.g.: driver's license, motor vehicle registration, Virginia Voter Registration card, a bank statement, payroll check or check stub issued by an employer, state or federal income tax records or W-2 forms, utility bills such as gas, water, electric, or phone.
    • Any person who knowingly makes a false statement concerning the residency of a child, for the purposes of avoiding tuition or enrollment in a school outside of the attendance zone in which the child resides, shall be guilty of a Class 4 misdemeanor. (Code of Virginia) 

    ***Immunization requirements can be found at this link: https://www.vdh.virginia.gov/immunization/requirements/

    If you need assistance in determining which school your child will attend or click on the "School Attendance Boundary". 

    Additional Links:

  • Student Withdraw

    Step 1: The withdrawing student's parent/guardian MUST notify the counseling office of the student's impending departure and obtain a withdrawal form from the Counseling Secretary at least three (3) days in advance of the planned departure. The parent/guardian is required to complete and sign the form and return it to the Counseling Office.

    Step 2: The signed form will be given to the student during their last two days of school. The student will walk the form through the building obtaining teacher signatures, withdrawal grades and returning text books, library books, & student issued Chromebook. All books & student Chromebook must be returned to avoid a deficiency. Before leaving on the last day, the student will bring the completed form to the Counseling Office for processing.  

  • Change of Address

    Step 1: The parent/guardian must complete the Change of Address Form - Change of Address Form (lcps.org).  

    Step 2: The parent/guardian must email Mrs. Allison Richardson (Allison.Richardson@lcps.org) or Ms. Lisa Torick (Lisa.Torick@lcps.org) the completed Change of Address Form.  The email will also need to include: a signed lease, signed deed, signed settlement papers, or recent mortgage statement. 

    If you have any questions, please contact the Potomac Falls High School Office of School Counseling at 571-434-3204.

Last Modified on December 7, 2022