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    Introducing the new director of the Potomac Falls Band Program!




    The 2020-2021 Symphoninc Band

    (in seating order)
     Flutes                     Bassoons   Alto Saxophones    Trombones
    Maggie  Lum     Abigail Duke    Ryan   Kidwell    Jack Weinbrecht 
    Erin Stevenson    Jack Pilaro   Bianca   Natal   Gonzalo Miranda
    Caitlin Dawson         Sylvia   Reese    Kelmen Gladney
    Alana Brauns   Oboe   Charles   Lum      
    Lily Schumacher   Ciara Schmidt             Bass Trombone
    Lauren Nelson         Horns    Mario Naranjo 
                 Hannah   Asuncion       
     Clarinets   Bass  Clarinets   Jackson   Shumaker    Euphoniums
    Jai Kan Choo     Leon Carmouze    Mason   Whitmore   Ben Aber 
    Trixie  Regan     Julia Jackson   Chinmay   Vadrev   Duncan Patton
    Joanna  Hamburg                Brandon Amdahl
    Jake Dinh   Tenor  Saxophones    Trumpets      
    Togen Floch    Danielle Kott     Brian   Collins     Tubas
    Emma Murphy   John Nowinski   Anthony   Mazza     Garrett Moreau 
    Abigail Hooper          Justin   Gimon   Charles Poulin
    Vivian Wilkins   Baritone  Saxophones   Uma   Pillai    Owen Berger
          Lucas Prentice   Brandon   Berger      
          Mikaela Gantz   Leanne   Rogers      
                Soloman   Afework      

    Students were placed in this ensemble based on their progress in the 2019-2020 school year and quality of effort and achievement in the preparation and performance of their fourth quarter etude.  Students not selected are invited to contact our new director to gain a second hearing.


    Co-Curricular Requirements for Performance-based ensembles. 

    Performance is an integral part of music ensemble success.  Per the LCPS Program of Studies Course Descriptions for our ensembles, all performances are required as a component of our curriculum.  Below is the PFHS Music Department’s make-up policy for missed performances.

    Excused Absences

    • Illness as certified by parent via a valid parent’s e-mail (registered with Potomac Falls).
    • Excused absence from school that day.
    • Anticipated absences for the academic year, communicated to your director prior to September 30th, at the discretion of the director.


    All other absences are considered unexcused.  If you feel your reason is valid, your parent may petition the music faculty within 48 hours to gain “excused” status on your behalf.  Submit the petition to your child’s music teacher.


    Students are eligible for recovery of credit (up to 100%) via an end-of-grading-period jury performance.


    Students are eligible for partial credit recovery, in alignment with PFHS retake/make-up policy (up to 85%) via an end-of-grading-period jury performance.

    The jury performance referenced above is scheduled outside of the school day, at the end of each grading period.  The student is to prepare suitable solo for their level of training (consult with Mr. Niebergall).  The jury must be scheduled through Mr. Niebergall.  As the jury is adjudicated by the entire music faculty, special arrangements for alternate dates are not possible.  There is no make-up for missing a jury. 


    Please refer to the tabs to the left to obtain more detailed information regarding our program.

    Students seeking additional help should come to me to schedule a time that is mutually agreeable.  Due to the nature of the band program, I am not able to provide consistent help hours during a given week.

    To remain aware of assignments, commitments, and other aspects of my program, please refer to the electronic grade book, this website, and the Band Booster-sponsored website linked from the tab to the left.

    During the school year, syllabi for the various courses can be found among the tabs to the left.

    In addition to the courses listed below, I am also responsible for the following programs:

    • Marching Band (August to November)

    • Winter Guard (November to April)

    • Jazz Ensemble (November to April)

    • Small Ensembles (Flute, Clarinet, Sax, Brass, Percussion) (Janaury to April)

    Please note that not all programs listed above might be offered in each year.  It depends on interest and scheduling.  These programs are listed in the tabs to the left.  Please navigate to the specific page for details.

    Visit the Band Booster website for more information and our calendar! 


    Please note - calendar events (rehearsals, concerts, etc.) for our band classes are REQUIRED as part of our curriculum, including all outside of curricular day activities including the end-of-year graduation performance on Monday after the final day of classes. These are COMMITMENTS to be taken seriously.  While I will try to work with students to allow for some latitude but sporting events, extra-curricular, and other activities are not valid excuses for simply choosing not to attend our events without Mr. Niebergall's permission.

    USE THE "REMIND" APP!  Mr. Niebergall communicates via REMIND.  To sign up, use the instructions, check out the TAB to the left.  Free and easy!  It's a life-saver for moms, dads and students!

    Band Boosters:   I encourage all parents to join our band's outstanding support group.  By joining forces with other families in our community, you can support our efforts through contributions of time, talents and, of course, money.  

    The PFHS Band is on Facebook!

    Tim Niebergall (E-mail), Director of Bands

    Department of Fine Arts (Music)


Last Modified on June 5, 2020