Mr. Murphy  and Mr. Shangraw

    Course Objective

                AP Chemistry is the equivalent of a first-year college chemistry course.  The academic objectives for this course comply with this level.  The course is designed for college-bound students who would like to earn college credit (by AP examination) or would like to prepare for college chemistry while in high school.  This is accomplished through an intensive, in-depth approach. 

         The students are taught to develop their analytical thinking skills.  This course requires continual study, good note taking skills, extensive time and effort, and excellent math ability and skills.  The eventual outcome is that the students scoring A’s and B’s in the course are prepared to do well on the AP Chemistry Examination in May.

                The lecture is strongly oriented towards fundamental concepts and problem solving, while the laboratory provides practical demonstrations of the analytical method.  The lectures will be accompanied by homework assignments, reading and problems.  It is important that you keep up with both types of assignments.  The lectures will be presented with the assumption that every student has read the assigned pages of the text.     


    Your grade is based on Tests, Quizzes and labs.   Homework and group quizzes do not directly impact your grade but practice leads to success.

     Tests  - Max of 100 pts. per test and weighted as 50% for the quarter

    There will be a test close to interims and the end of each quarter.  Test questions will focus on information covered during that portion of the quarter.  Previously taught material may also appear as the topics build upon each other.  Tests are broken into two parts:  Multiple choice (50% of points) and free response that are both problems and essays similar to those given on the AP exam (50% of points).  These tests are graded using the AP exam format and students are given a 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 score on each test.  You are strongly encouraged to look over old AP exams to see similar questions.  The tests will be timed and collected at the end of time, extended time is not given on tests. 

     Laboratory - Max of 40 pts. per lab and 25% for the quarter

    The student will be given their information a week before the lab is scheduled.  The laboratory portion of this class is to be the equivalent of a college laboratory experience.  The breakdown of the points is included on a separate page.

     Quizzes - Max of 40 pts. per quiz and 25% for the quarter

    There will be a several quizzes given per quarter.  It will consist of problems from the material covered within the current unit.  The quiz will be timed and collected at the end of time, extended time is not given on quizzes. 

     Homework - Homework problems will be given regularly.  Homework is graded after it is covered in class.  You need to complete it if you want to succeed on the tests.  Some homework problems are covered in class.  While homework problems will be representative of topics, test questions will often pull from multiple topics at once. 

Last Modified on September 5, 2019