• I love teaching and learning!  And I'm excited to be doing it at PFHS.  This will be my 16th year in Loudoun County and my 25th year teaching and every day is an adventure.  I believe education should be an active, challenging, and engaging experience for all students and I work hard to create an exciting and dynamic classroom environment.  I am an open-minded, responsible, hard-working person with integrity and my goal is to motivate young people to embrace these characteristics, which are truly essential to a happy, healthy, and successful life. I know that the world is in upheaval and times are stressful for many people for a plethora of reasons.  My commitment to you is to be the most dedicated, hard-working, loving, compassionate, and enthusiastic teacher I can be under these challenging circumstances.  I look forward to meeting you and creating a space that is educational, safe, and growth-oriented.


Last Modified on August 21, 2020