• RingRingThe best way to communicate with me is via email. If you want me to call you on the phone, please call the school at 571-434-3200 and I will call you back. I will make every attempt to return your call within 24 hours Monday through Friday between the hours of 9:15am and 4:05pm.

    Students needing additional help can contact me via email for an appointment.

    I am routinely available after school on Fridays from 4:15 to 5 pm.

    Class Schedule

                  A- Days                                                        B- Days

    Block 1: Research Earth Science                    Block 5: Environmental Explorations

    Block 2: Duty: Assessment Proctor                Block 6: Academic Earth Science

    Block 3: Planning                                         Block 7: Academic Earth Science

    Block 4: Research Earth Science                    Block 8: Planning




Last Modified on September 11, 2019