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    Work missed due to absences can become a source of frustration for the student. Although it is not possible to avoid all inconveniences for the student who has missed class, a clear understanding of expectations upon return to class should help students and parents plan for a students return to class.

    Students should consider sharing their 'Agendas'  and the syllabus for each chapter with their parents when doctor and dentist appointments are being made. 


    1.  Most class work cannot be made up. Each class is a once in a lifetime experience. Although worksheet may be generated, the presentation and class discussion cannot be replayed. You will not receive a grade for made up class work (it will not be a zero, just no grade).

    2.  Lab work must be made up or a zero grade will be assigned.  Because many labs require equipment, preparation, and specialized supervision, missed lab work must be made up when the student returns to school. The day the student returns he/she should see me before school or class to arrange a time to come in for makeup lab work. Labs are assessed via short lab evaluations. The grades for labs are generated via the assessment, not the completion of the lab. Sometimes students may use thier lab to complete their assessment. Using someone elses lab or looking at anothers lab assessment is a violation of the honor code. Honor code violations earn unredeemable zero grades. 

    3.  Tests must be made up in a timely fashion. Make up tests taken after the class has received their test back graded will not be the same test as the rest of the class and will usually be of a different format (i.e.  If the class took a short answer test the make up may be diagrams, or if the class took a multiple choice test the make up may be all essays.) The student MUST SEE ME to arrange for a make up test. Make up tests will not be given during regular class time. If the student does not take the test within 5 school days of his/her return to class a zero will be recorded.

    4.  You need to report promptly at the agreed upon time. If you are more than 5 minutes late, I may leave. You need to know what is to be made up.  It is possible you will be making up your work with another teacher, who will not know what your needs are.



     Please detach bottom portion and return to Mrs. Bittner--Thank You for your help.


    I have read and understand Mrs. Bittner's Make up Policy.


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Last Modified on September 11, 2019