• Originally from Forest, Mississippi, I am currently in my 16th year here at Potomac Falls. This is my 23rd year of teaching as I previously taught at Cleveland High School (Mississippi) for 6 years. I am a proud graduate of Mississippi State University. While I was teaching in MS, I took advantage of having Delta State University nearby and obtained my Masters Degree in the summer of 2003.  My family and I decided to move here in August 2003 because we wanted to experience a different part of the country. I must say that I have thoroughly enjoyed being here with some of the greatest kids in the country.
    My wife, Molly and I have 3 children, Cooper (18), Laney (14), and Anna (12).
    To start off the year, of course, we will be having class virtually.  But hopefully we will be back in the classroom soon.  This year, my schedule is as follows:
    1st Period HPE 10 T2/Main Gym
    2nd Period HPE 10 T2/Main Gym
    4th Period HPE 10 T2/Main Gym
    7th Period HPE 10 T2/Main Gym
    8th Period HPE 10 T2/Main Gym
    At Potomac Falls, we value building relationships, working hard, and making connections to ensure students
    are life, college, and career ready.

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Last Modified on August 19, 2020