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    Dr. Krovvidy's Class Policies, Guidelines and Information
    DE Physics & AP Physics


    Block 1



    DE Physics


    Room 245

    Block 2




    Room 216

    Block 3


    Study Hall


    Room 221

    Block 4


    DE Physics


    Room 245


    Block 5


    AP Physics


    Room 245

    Block 6


    DE Physics


    Room 245

    Block 7




    Room 216

    Block 8


     DE Physics


    Room 245


    Grading / ReTake Policy for AP Physics only: Please note there are NO retakes allowed for DE Physics
    1. Students are allowed 2 chapter test retakes per quarter.
    2. The retake grade replaces the original grade.
    3. Students need to do test corrections on the original test to be eligible for the retake.
    4. Retakes must be done within 5 working days of receiving the test.
    5. No retakes given on mutltiple choice quizzes.
    6. Make up tests/quizzes must be done within 4 working days.
    7. Quizzes are usually worth 20 to 30 points. Lab reports are worth 25 to 30 points. Tests are 50 to 100 points. HW is WEBassigned almost daily and is worth 10 points usually. ALL grades are summative.
    8. Test and Quiz grades are scaled on an AP grading scale only if students do the mandatory test corrections.
    9. All grades are summative.
    Grading Policy for DE Physics
    1. Almost all grades are summative  Quizzes / Labs / Lab quizzes / Tests / Exams. HW may be weighted 10% of grade.
    2. There is no make up for missed labs. But students can drop one missed lab grade per semester.
    3. HW is assigned every day but is not graded usually.
    4. There are absolutely no retakes on any quizzes/tests/exams/assignments.
    5. Missed tests/quizzes must be made up within 4 working days. The score automatically becomes zero after that time.
    Honor Code: Please familiarize yourself with the PFHS honor code. Personal integrity is crucial to success. Any voilation of the code on tests, quizzes, assignments or projects will result in a grade of zero with no chance for retake or redo.
    Availability: For students needing extra help, my office hours are Monday 2 to 4 PM










    Physics is the study of the fundamental laws and phenomenon of nature and its workings. The major topics covered in this course will be Mechanics, Electricity & Magnetism, Waves, Sound and Optics.





    The following materials should be brought to class each and every day:

    • Physics workbook for DE Physics only


             for AP Physics     


    • spiral notebook of about 100 pages (8.5" x 11")
    • 3 ring binder (2 inch)
    • covered textbook  
    • Scientific calculator
    • pencil
    • agenda
    • Chromebook

              for DE Physics

    • pencil
    • agenda
    • Scientific Calculator
    • covered textbook
    • physics workbook
    • spiral notebook of about 200 pages (8.5" x 11")
    • Chromebook






    The grading system is based on credit earned for tests, quizzes, classwork, labs, and project.  You will track your grades in your agenda and I will post the grades periodically to ensure accuracy. All grades are summative for AP. But for DE labs and HW are weighted at 10%.

    Homework: usually not graded for DE

    Lab Quiz (after Lab) only for DE
    Chapter Tests (every chapter)

    Labs:  (usually one every / every other chapter)


    Notebook Requirements


    All assignments will be kept in order in your class notebook.  Each unit will be stored in a separate section (for AP only)







    All assignments / reports are available in schoology and you must text/email me if you need clarification.


    Make Up Work


    If you are absent, you will refer to the schoology for missing  work and recorded lectures.   Any missed work due to absence must be turned in by the next class.  Any missed test must be made up within 4 working days.



    Lab / Class Conditions


    Please do not eat or drink in the class (no gum and candy either). You may only keep a sealed water bottle. Please do not be on your cell phones / iPods or any other electronic devices other than calculators and chromebook allowed in class.





    P6 - Prompt, Prepared, Polite, Positive, Participate, Potential


    • At all times you must follow directions given by teacher
    •  Arrive to class on time, sit down and begin the bell ringer activity.
    •  If you are late, enter the meet, but watch the recording from beginning to figure out what you missed
    • Bring all materials to class every day – notebook, textbook, agenda, pen, and pencil.
    • Respect your classmates, your teachers and yourself.
    • Maintain silence when lesson is in progress. Raise your hand if you need to ask  something 
    • Pay full attention to what is being taught. Work to your full potential.
    • Personal Integrity is crucial to success. Take the Honor Code very seriously, and familiarize yourself with it.



    Extra Help


    I am available for help on Monday between 2 and 3 PM. 





    • The best time to reach me by phone is during  and 2nd & 7th blk on A and B days respectively in the science workroom room 216 or room 245. Students and parents can contact me easily through Remind  and by email at Sailaja.Krovvidy@lcps.org.  I will check my email at least once every day if you have any questions.


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