• Students are considered on time if they are in the classroom by the time the bell begins to ring.


    TARDY-TO-SCHOOL / PER SEMESTER: Tardiness is not acceptable because it disrupts class, reflects a negative attitude toward the class, creates disruptive problems in the corridors, and develops a habit, which could make future employment difficult. Students will be considered tardy to school if they are not in their assigned classroom by the time the bell begins to ring to start the day.



    Guidelines-This is per class period, per semester.

    1-2 unexcused tardies

    • Teacher discusses with students/conference

    3 unexcused tardies

    • Conversation with student & contact parent/guardian

    5 unexcused tardies

    • Refer to department chair for conference and interventions

    7+ unexcused tardies

    • Referral to administration


    Additional consequences may be assigned. If you would like more information, please contact Will Jeffcoat (A-McK) or Clare Badgley (McL - Z) . 


    *All tardies due to medical appointments must be accompanied by a doctor’s note to be considered excused.

    *Tardies due to a family emergency can only be excused by an administrator.


    EIGHTEEN OR OLDER: Eighteen-year-old students are not bound by Virginia’s compulsory attendance laws. They may be dropped from the rolls for various violations of school rules including poor attendance, behavior difficulties, willful violation of rules and regulations, lack of cooperation and lack of effort.


    Eighteen-year-old students who choose to remain in school are expected to comply with all rules and regulations including attendance requirements. This includes adhering to the early dismissal policy where parent notes and/or phone messages are submitted to attendance for consideration.



    MAKE-UP WORK: It is the student’s responsibility to get assignments and complete make up work prior to returning to class whenever possible. With permission from the teacher additional time to complete assignments may be given in special situations. When a student misses a previously announced quiz, test, project, or other assignment, the student should make arrangements with the teacher to complete the work in a timely manner. Failure to complete such make-up work within the time allowed may result in a failing grade for those assignments, tests, or other work. Make-up work turned in within the time allowed will be graded on the same basis as other work. With block scheduling, all students are encouraged to enlist a study partner to contact when an absence occurs.

Last Modified on December 7, 2023