• Ms. Burke’s Common Assessment for Artwork


    _____ 4         Demonstrates a more complex understanding of composition/form.

    _____ 3         Demonstrates a complete understanding of composition/form.

    _____ 2         Demonstrates an understanding of composition/form.

                        _____ 1         Demonstrates a limited/incomplete understanding composition/form.



    _____ 4         Shows an exceptional level of precision, technical excellent attention to detail.

    _____ 3         Shows a high level of technical excellence and attention to detail.

    _____ 2         Shows some technical skill and some attention to detail.

    _____ 1         Shows limited/incomplete technical skill and/or limited/incomplete attention to  detail.


    Process & Problem Solving

    _____ 4         Demonstrates insightful use of processes and problem solving.

    _____ 3         Demonstrates well-developed and effective use of processes and problem solving

    _____ 2         Demonstrates somewhat effective use of processes and problem solving.

    _____ 1         Demonstrates limited/incomplete use of processes and problem solving.


    Expressive Qualities

    _____ 4         Communicates a message in a highly engaging, unique, and powerful way.

    _____ 3         Communicates a message in a unique and moving way.

    _____ 2         Communicates a message in a conventional way.

    _____ 1         The message being communicated is incomplete/unclear.



      Written Statement Components 

    _____ Intention: What was your intention in the making of the work/product in terms of what you wanted to communicate to the viewer or to yourself?

    _____ Personal Decision-Making (Manner of Working): What personal decision-making did you engage in when making choices about what to include in the art form / subject matter? This might also reflect decisions having to deal with physical conditions that needed to be considered due to the nature of the work/product.

    _____ Content: What is being seen in the work’s content? Be as detailed and specific as you can in describing what you have included in the work/product.

    _____ Design Concept: Explain your incorporation of the art elements and principles as they relate to the design concept of the work/product.

      _____ Process/Technique/Procedure: What process/technique/procedure did you use in the creation of your work/product? Discuss steps, materials and tools that you employed.

      _____ Discovery: What did you become aware of while creating the work/product. or after its completion, including connections to other experiences, art history, and the source(s) of your exploration as a part of the discovery process?









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