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    Listed below are questions that you need to answer thoroughly and

    honestly in the sketchbooks of your peers. Give your peers the kind of

    feedback that you would like to receive yourself. There is much to be

    learned from one another in this classroom, and we should all do our part

    to share the knowledge.


    Begin Positively

    Discuss a specific area of this work of art that you think is successful or

    impressive. The more specific you can be, the more obvious it will be that

    you are actually looking with purpose.


    Inspect, and Tell The Truth

    Discuss the artist’s ability to control the medium, and mention the overall

    craftsmanship. Don’t be afraid to make critical remarks, and certainly don’t

    be offended by criticism that you read about your own work today.


    Let’s Talk Design

    Discuss the overall use of space, commenting on the balance and range of

    values in the work. Also be sure to discuss color and the surface quality of

    the images you are viewing.


    Interpret the Concept

    Discuss the conceptual level of this work. Provide your own interpretation

    of the artwork from your perspective in order to help the artist realize the

    interpretive power of art.


    Suggest to Impress

    Discuss something specific that you think the artist could have been done

    to improve the overall impact of the work.


    End on a High Note

    Finish your comments with one final positive note.


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