• French 2, 4H  and AP Supplies
    • 1 1/2" or 2 inch three-ring binder with five tabs or colored paper : Vocab, Verbs, Handouts, and Worksheets
    • Lined paper, pen and a pencil. EVERY DAY!
    • 100 Index cards - initially purchase a block of 100 lined 3x5 index cards for vocab lists
    • Box of 4 Expo markers; can be kept in back pack or shelf in room L210.
    • Textbooks will be kept in classroom unless student signs one out until June.
    • Workbooks are not available; students will keep multiple handouts, worksheets, and notes in their binder.Will also have access to documents in Google Classroom Folder
    • Useful: French dictionary: Larousse Concise French Dictionary (New and used ones available on amazon.com)
Last Modified on August 1, 2019