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    Kennedy Center for Performing Arts
    Loudoun Youth Guitars at Kennedy Center's Millenium Stage
    Loudoun Youth Guitars is a performing group that features select middle and high school guitar students from Loudoun County who seek to take their ensemble experience to the next level. Dr. Miroslav Lončar conducts the orchestra and Dr. Nataša Klasinc-Lončar is the assistant director. LYG performs regularly throughout Loudoun County and the Metropolitan Area. Their concert season includes a Holiday concert a concert at the National Institutes of Health, Mothers' Day Concert at Barns at Rose Hill, and a concert at the Croatian Embassy. Loudoun Youth Guitars often receive invitations to perform at other events and festivals. As a result, they have given performances at the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts, Marlow Guitar International, Loudoun Ballet, Composer Society of Montgomery County, Loudoun County Public Libraries, Salisbury University, Shepherd University, Eastern Shore Guitar Festival, Mid-Atlantic Guitar Festival, and other events and venues. Here is the link to LYG performance at the Kennedy Concert for Performing Arts from 2014:

    Auditions for the 2023/24 Loudoun Youth Guitars will be held on Wednesday, September 13 and Thursday, September 14, at Park View High School, Room 723. New and returning students are required to audition. Please, sign up for a slot and prepare the requirements listed below. Don't forget to cancel your audition if your plans change so others can use your slot.

    Audition Requirements:

    1. Play a short solo piece of your choice, or an excerpt from a longer one, or a part from an ensemble piece. Your selection should not be longer than 2 minutes and it needs to meet the following requirements:

    Students are required to play a piece from standard classical guitar repertoire that was learned using standard music notation.

    Guitar 1: Minimum 20% of the piece needs to include notes in the 10th Position or higher. 

    Guitar 2: Minimum 20% of the piece need to include notes in the 7th Position or higher. 

    Guitar 3: The piece needs to include melody, bass, and accompanying notes but doesn't have to go past the 4th Position.

    Guitar 4: The piece can be in either one or two parts and it doesn't have to go past the 2nd Position.


    2. Prepare the scales required for the part you are auditioning for. Please, refer to the attached charts for required fingerings!





    3. Be ready to sight-read in the appropriate positions.

    Auditioning for a certain part does not guarantee that part. The director reserves the right to assign the parts based on his evaluation and the needs of the ensemble.

    A non-refundable $100 joining fee is required for students that pass the audition. Students with financial needs can ask for a fee waiver.

    LYG practices will take place on Wednesdays, 7 to 8:30 p.m. at Park View High School. 

    There will be a mandatory meeting for all students and parents on September 20th at 6:30 pm!

    Location: Room 723

    Link to Sign-Up: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/904094FACAD29AA8-loudoun6

Last Modified on June 12, 2023