Dear students and parents!

    Please take a moment to familiarize yourelves with my class guidlines and expecatations! The most important thing is to plan your calendar for our REQUIRED concerts and rehearsals. It is very important that the students attend them as they are a major part of the grade. 


    Please mark your calendars and reserve these dates:

     1. Winter Concert:

     Monday, December 16, rehearsal 4:00 until 5:30 p.m.

    Tuesday, December 17, rehearsal 4:00 until 6:00 p.m., concert 7:00 p.m.


     2. Spring Concert:

     Monday, March 2, rehearsal 4:00 until 5:30 p.m.

    Tuesday, March 3, rehearsal 4:00 until 6:00 p.m., concert 7:00 p.m.


    Final Concert: 

    Monday, May 20, rehearsal 4:00 until 5:30 p.m.

    Tuesday, May 21, rehearsal 4:00 until 6:00 p.m., concert 7:00 p.m.


    All-County Festival:

    Friday, March 6, evening (required for all classes)
    Saturday, March 7, all-day (required for Advanced, Artist, and Honors classes)


    Additional (extra credit) performance opportunities:

    Fall Chamber Music Concert, Nov. 11, 7 PM

    Fine Arts Night, March 26, 7 PM

    Winter Chamber Concert, Feb. 13, 7 PM


    Class Expectations

    All school policies regarding attendance, punctuality, behavior, etc., will be observed with no exceptions.

    Students are required to follow the following class rules:

    1. Bring all materials to each class!
    2. Do not distract others from learning!
    3. Do not use of cell phones in class without asking me for permission!
    4. Sit in your assigned seat!
    5. Handle all class equipment with care and respect!
    6. Show good manners in class!
    7. Students are not allowed to make video recordings of other students or the teacher without a permission.
    Students not following the rules will have to deal with the following consequences:
    Third time--GOING TO THE OFFICE
    If students need to go to the rest room, they need to  use a hall pass and sign in the Sign-In/Out book when they leave and when they return. 
    During a break, students are allowed to go to the water fountain and go to the rest room without a hall pass. Students are not allowed in the gym! 
    Student who do not return from break on time, will lose break privilege.
    Guitar Class Materials

    The Guitar

    The school will provide guitars for in-class use, but students should get an instrument for practicing at home.  Before purchasing a guitar, please, ask me for advice!


    Method books

    Beginning class will be using Hal Leonard Guitar Method,
    Book 1, by Will Schmid.
    Intermediate class will be using Classical Guitar Technique,
    Vol. 1 by Aaron Shearer.
    Advanced class will be using Solo Guitar Playing,
    Book 1 by Frederic Noad.
    Artist Guitar will be using Solo Guitar Playing,
    Book 1 by Frederic Noad.

    Those books can be found at Melodee Music in Sterling (close to Chipotle). Each student needs to get a method book by the second week of school.

    Students are required to have the assigned method book and bring it to class every time. Failure to bring the book to class may result in a grade reduction .



    It is very important that all the music and other hand outs are kept organized for effective participation in class. All students are required to have a three-ring binder and keep all the music and announcements in it. The binders should be divided in the following sections: 1.  Announcements 2. Songs, 3. technique and scales



    Each student is expected to make progress throughout the year regardless of skill level at the onset of the class.

    Students will be provided multiple opportunities, if needed, to demonstrate mastery through a variety of assessments.

    Late work will be accepted through the end of the quarter in which it was assigned.

    Quarter Grades will be an average of all the grades in the grade book. This will include:  
    Playing Tests
    Weekly Class Work
    Required Performances
    Extra Credit
    Weekly Class Work: Students will be observed on a regular basis for being on task, following the below-stated class expectations and will receive grades for Class Work weekly.

    Students need to bring to class all class materials, pay attention to the teacher, be actively engaged in learning, not distract others from learning, and stay on task. Each reminder from the teacher may lower student’s weekly class work grade.

    Playing tests will be given on regular basis. Each playing  test will be worth 97 percentage points. A required concert will count as three test grades: 97% for each rehearsal, and 97% for participation in the concert. Performance grades will be assessed according to a student’s attendance and preparation. Students can earn more than 97 by playing solo or in a small group.
    This rubric will be used for grading playing tests. We start with 97 points and deduct or add points

    Wrong or Missing Notes (2) 

    Wrong Rhythms (1)       

    Hesitations (1) 

    Starting Over (5)

    R.H. Fingerings (1-5) 

    L.H. Fingerings (1-5) 

    Posture and Holding the Instrument (1-4)

    Inadequate Volume (1-4)

    Continuity (1-5)

    No Book (5)

    Expression, lack of (1-5)

    Presentation (1-5)

    Memorization (2 extra)

    Volunteering to play (1 extra)
    Extra credit can be earned by playing solo or small ensemble on the concert, playing solo in class, or participating in some outside activity like attending a concert, Guitar Club, playing in a competition, coffee house, etc.

    If a student cannot attend a mandatory performance or rehearsal, then an alternate assignment may be substituted. With the exception of emergencies, excused absences from mandatory performances must be cleared with the guitar instructor at least one week prior to the concert.


    Playing quizzes will be given about every two weeks. Student who chooses not to play the assignment will get a grade 0, but they can play the assignment at a later time. It is the student's responsibility to ask for a make up. Students can re-take their playing tests without penalty. 


    Extra Credit for Extra Activities
    5 points for attending events at school such as Guitar Club, Extra Help on Thursdays, Fine Arts Night,  performances in the library, etc.
    10 points for performing in non-required performances at school: Coffee House, Chamber Music Concert,  Fine Arts Night, etc.
    15 points for attending events outside school in the community, Aguado Guitar Concerts, etc.
    20 points for performing in non-required  performances in the community.
    25 points for attending events out of town, such as Marlow Guitar Concerts, etc.


    Practice requirements

    Each student will be responsible for at-home practice. Parent involvement in at-home practice is crucial for success. Please monitor the practice sessions to make sure that the student is on task and practicing the class material. It is required that the student practices a minimum of 10 - 30 minutes every day, depending on the level.   




    Required Performances

    There will be three required performances for all students, and four for advanced and artist levels.  Each performance has a weight of 3 grades. Absence from those performances will result in a grade of 0.


    Make up opportunities

    If a student made a grade of 60 or 0, they will have a chance to make up their grade by participating in one of the following activities:

    • Attending a performance (a concert, a play, art exhibit) at school or outside the school
    • Performing in a non-required performance or a competition
    • Helping in some way in one of the departmental programs (stage help, moving of equipment, cleaning up, etc.)

    It is the student’s responsibility to ask the teacher about make-up opportunities.

    Advancement to the Next Level

    To advance to the Intermediate Class, students must earn a minimum of 75% in the Beginning Class.

    To advance to the Advanced Class, students must earn a minimum of 85% in the Intermediate Class.

    To advance to the Artist Class, students must earn a minimum of 90% in the Advanced Class.

    Students who do not qualify to advance to the next level are encouraged to repeat the same level, which they can do for credit.


    Student/Parent Agreement Form


    By signing this form, we acknowledge that we have read and understood the guidelines for participation in Guitar Class at Park View High School.

    Student Name____________________________________________ 

    Parent/Guardian Name(s)____________________________________________ 

    Parent/Guardian Phones: home__________________­___ cell_______________________  

    work__________________________ other____________________________ 

    Parent/Guardian Email address: 1.___________________________________________ 


    Parent/Guardian Signature____________________________________   Date____________ 

    Student Signature____________________________________   Date____________ 

    Return signed form to Dr. Lončar by September 7 !!!!


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