• Getting Started in Guitar at Harmony

    If you're starting guitar at school in August 2022, you're probably pretty excited!  Here's some info that will answer frequently asked questions about Guitar at Harmony.
    Can 6th graders take Guitar? Yes, they can. In the Fall of 2021, we replaced Music Lab with Guitar 6. Guitar 6 is listed as Music Lab on your schedule. Rest assured that if you have Music Lab 6 on your schedule, you will be playing guitar all year long.
    6th, 7th, and 8th grade Guitar students MUST practice AT HOME between classes. 
    All guitars are not created equal!  In the world of instruments, there are probably more kinds of guitars than instruments of any other type.  You need a nylon-string classical guitar to practice on at home. I recommend a Cordoba or Yamaha classical guitar, but there are many other brands available.
    An electric rock guitar will not work for what you need to practice for school.  The size and feel of an electric guitar is completely different from a classical guitar, and the techniques used to play these two instruments (electric and classical guitars) are entirely different.
    If you already have an acoustic steel-string guitar, you can practice on that at home.  But again, it's a different instrument than a classical guitar, and it will feel "funny" compared to the guitars we play in class.
    Please purchase a music stand and a guitarist's footstool when you get your guitar.  
    You also need a guitar tuner.  Please get one that clips onto the head of the guitar. There are also many free online tuning apps, like Guitar Tuna, that work the same way as a clip-on tuner.  

    You will purchase your method book from the online payment system. That link will be available later this summer.

    We do not play rock or electric guitar at school.  You WILL learn to play chords to accompany songs, but the curriculum will require you to learn to read music -- notes and other music symbols.  We will talk about what "tab" is (short for tablature), but again, YOU WILL BE READING MUSIC.

    Learning to play an instrument requires a lot of regular practice, so plan now to build guitar practice time into your schedule at home 5 days a week.

    Playing guitar might turn into your favorite thing in life!  It did for me, and I started playing when I was 11.  I look forward to helping you start on this new adventure! 
    ~Ms. Edmondson