• Quick Tips for Parents

    Helping Your Children Do Their Best on the SOL Tests

    Set aside time every day for your child to do homework. Review your child's homework when you can. (Limiting the amount of time your child watches television provides time for homework!)

    Set up a designated area for your child to study. Have supplies ready that your child may need.

    Know when the SOL tests are given. Mark these dates on your family calendar.

    Display a positive attitude about the SOL tests. Help your child understand that tests are a part of school and life.

    Review your child's curriculum and/or the SOL Blueprints- talk to your child about what he or she is learning. Help your child learn. (For those of you who enjoy investigating on the computer, you can download the blueprints from the Department of Education's home page- www.pen.k12.va.us.)

    Make sure your child understands the value you place on his or her achievement.

    Encourage your child to stay relaxed and calm during the SOL tests. If your child gets nervous about tests, give him or her ideas of ways to stay calm.

    Make sure your child gets a good night's sleep and eats a good breakfast before the SOL tests.

    Remind your child to bring his or her glasses to school on all of the testing days.

    Make sure your child is at school on time so that he or she won't feel rushed on the testing days.

    Encourage your child to try hard and do his or her best every day in school.

    Ask your child's teacher about areas of strength and weakness. Ask for specific suggestions of how to help your child improve.

    Help your child keep the tests in perspective. It's one indication of student achievement- not the measure by how we determine whether or not your child is worthy.

    Be your child's number one achievement cheerleader!