NHS Volunteer Opportunities

    Repeating Opportunities


    Short-term/one-time activities are posted in the NHS Schoology Group and through the NHS Remind due to the immediacy of the event. 


    In The Community
    Femme Flow  - We started this organization because many homeless women don’t have access to feminine hygiene products, and therefore they cannot properly care for themselves. Because talking about the menstrual cycle is clouded with such a stigma, people are uncomfortable donating feminine hygiene products to homeless shelters, or even forget about it completely! This is why it is crucial to raise awareness for this issue. Our Clean Kits include pads, tampons, plastic bags, soap, as well as hand cloths. As of now, we have created over 2500 kits in the past four years!
    Areej Khan
    Femme Flow: A Women’s Health Initiative
    Palak Shah: 703-334-1040
    Areej Khan: 202-815-6178

    Park View High School Tutoring: Volunteers needed to tutor PVHS students; more information regarding this opportunityt in the Distance Learning model will be posted in the fall of 2020.


    PVHS Food Drive Initiative: Donate 6 non-perishable items (at one time) to earn 60 minutes toward your volunteer hours (up to 5 hours).  Bring items to LINK, Mobile Hope, or some other local food bank, church, or donation center. Take a photo/selfie of your donation. 


    Sterling Public Library: Volunteers are usually needed; contact your local library for COVID-related adjustments to this program  


    Sterling United Methodist Church - Grace Ministries food distibution is still occuring throughout the COVID shutdown; every few weeks drivers and delivery helpers are needed - minors will need to attend with a parent as a driver, masks are required, and social distancing guidelines are strictly enforced. A participation waiver may be needed as well. Contcat Jeff Bradley and Jim Jochems through grace.sumc@gmail.com to be placed on their mailing list.


     PEER, SCA officers, office helpers, Global Ambassador hosts, team managers - 15 hours maximum for 2020-21; expand your outreach through other endeavors for other service hour opportunities.



    Updated: January 19, 2021