• Book suggestions for the advanced student-history 6 Mr. Kendrat

    Book suggestions for the advanced student-history 6 Mr. Kendrat

    Below I am providing a suggested reading of various books. Please ask your parents permission in regards to the content for some may have some mild language or subject manner that may be sensitive. Parents please participate in determining what is appropriate material for your child to be reading.1. Roots- a popular novel by Alex Haley describing the capture and relocation of his ancester, Kunta Kinta, from Africa to America. The theme is slavery and the African American's struggle to survive the inhuman system of bondage in early America. Note there is some mild language and the theme of slavery has sensitive material that may not be suitable for all middle school students.2. Killer Angels: Michael Sharra author. The theme is the turning point of the Civil War. The setting features the Pennsylvania town of Gettysburg. The story centers on the decisions that changed the possible outcome of the war itself. The book tells its tale through the eyes of such major figures as Robert E. Lee, , Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, James Longstreet, John Buford, and others. Minimal gore for a military novel; some language. Pulitzer prize winner.3. Last Full Measure- Jeff Sharra (son to Michael) Story picks up after the battle of Gettysburg and carries to the war's end at Appamattox Court House. Civil War setting and similar writing style as Killer Angels with some language.4. Gods and Generals- Michael Sharra- Prequel to the his father's Killer Angels. Battles and events that lead up to the turning point of the war where Robert E. Lee was turned back in Pennsylvania. Civil War theme with the same notes as the two previous novels above.5. Gone For the Soldiers: Michael Sharra- Pre-Civil War novel that centers upon the Mexican War and the popular personalities that are featured in the ablove three novels. Sharra's writing style is similar to the afore mentioned books, with the same concerns.6. John Adams: Author David McCullough- Time period is the Revolutionary period and early American Government. Excellent resource of factual commentary; quotes many primary sources. Book for the most advanced of readers and lovers of history.7. George Washington 1776: Author David McCullough- This is a factual story/account of the year 1776, primarily from the view point of the American revolutionaries, featuring George Washington. Once again, this book is only for the most avid reader of history as the author continues to use primary sources to support his accounts as he documents the American advancement towards independence. 8. Johnny Termain: Esther Forbes- This historical fictional novel is always a favorite as it relives the pre-revolutionary accounts of a young boy (Johnny) as he grows up in the hot bed of Boston as it becomes ripe for war. The story brings to life not only the typical life of a young man living in that age, but offers insight to such leaders as Sam Adams, John Hancock, Paul Revere, and Dr. Joseph Warren. One of the high points mentioned is the Boston Tea Party. Age appropriate for everyone.9. Paul Revere and the world he lived in: Esther Forbes- A deeper look into the life of Paul Revere before and during the Revolutionary War. This is a well documented and book that presents its facts in a readable format, but is designed for the more serious reader of American History. A high level of reading is suggested, the material is age appropriate.10. Rise to Rebellion: Jeff Sharra- A story of the American adventure towards independence. Jeff Sharra's engaging writting style is very manageable for most readers in middle school. Key characters highlighted throughout the chapters include John and Sam Adams, George Washington, Ben Franklin, and others. Some mild language may exist. Great background for the growing love of history from this time period.

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