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    In accordance with the Virginia Literacy Act (VLA), LCPS has developed a literacy plan that ensures “the use of evidence-based literacy curriculum, staff enough reading specialists to support intervention needs and provide professional development to support teachers, reading specialists and principals”.

    Specifically, “per the Virginia Literacy Act, each local school board shall post, maintain and update as necessary on each school board’s website a copy of its division-wide literacy plan and the job description and contact information for any reading specialist employed by such school division pursuant to subsection G of § 22.1-253.13:2 and for any dyslexia specialist employed by such school division The Department shall post each division-wide literacy plan on its website.”

  • Job Descriptions

    Reading Specialist

    The primary responsibilities of the Reading Specialists are to support the school’s reading and writing programs.The Reading Specialists provide reading interventions to students, as well as training and coaching for staff. As trainers and coaches, they deliver various literacy-based professional development to the staff and follow up with co-planning and reflective conferences. If students are identified in need of additional reading support, they assess, analyze data and teach intervention groups that target specific reading skills using multi-sensory, explicit, and structured instruction.
    Please feel free to contact the reading specialists at your child’s school if you have any questions about literacy development or the reading and writing programs. 

    Central Office Contact: Kathryn Neal, Supervisor, Early Literacy, Elementary Reading & Writing Office

    Dyslexia Specialists (sometimes referred to as Dyslexia Advisors)

    A Dyslexia Specialist or Advisor is a reading specialist trained in the identification of and the appropriate interventions, accommodations and teaching techniques for students with dyslexia or a related disorder.  The specialist serves as an advisor on dyslexia and related disorders, with an  understanding of the definition of dyslexia and a working knowledge of supportive techniques related to the continuum of skills with dyslexia; dyslexia characteristics that may manifest throughout a child’s development and academic advancement; a foundational understanding of the evidence-based literacy instruction and its structured instructional practices; and appropriate interventions, accommodations and assistive technology supports for students with dyslexia. 

    Dyslexia Specialist Contact: Margaret Ausberry, Supervisor, Special Instruction

    Job Description: Reading Specialist

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Why does Loudoun County Public Schools need a Division Literacy Plan?

    • The Virginia Literacy Act (VLA), passed by the Virginia General Assembly in 2022 and expanded in 2023, focuses on improving literacy outcomes for all students in the Commonwealth. As required by the VLA and as best practice, school divisions should have a well-articulated Division Literacy Plan that can be shared with stakeholders and assist in communicating implementation expectations across all schools. 

    What information is included in the Division Literacy Plan?

    The plan requires school divisions to plan all aspects of the Virginia Literacy Act around:

    • core reading and literacy curriculum, 
    • evidence-based training and High-Quality Instructional Materials (HQIM) implementation support,
    • screening, supplemental instruction and interventions
    • engaging parents and caregivers in collaborative literacy development of their children

    Which grade levels does this Division Literacy Plan impact?

    • For the 2024-25 school year, the Division Literacy Plan will focus on grades K-5. The 2025-26 biennial plan will include K-8. 

    I noticed some areas of the plan indicated “TBD”. Will the plan be revised and updated?

    • Yes, the school division will submit updates and revisions to the plan as changes are made. The VDOE requires all school divisions to submit their first draft of the Division Literacy Plan by July 1, 2024. School divisions will submit a revised plan by December 6, 2024.

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