• SHMS Schoolwide Expectations

    Our SHMS schoolwide expectations outline how students can be respectful, responsible, and ready in each area of our school and school community. 

  • PBIS Words of the Month

    At the beginning of each month in Advisory, students learn a new PBIS Word of the Month. Each word is chosen to help promote positive behavior and emphasize our "3 Rs" - respectful, responsible, and ready. All throughout the month, teachers look out for students demonstrating the word and use it to submit nominations for Student of the Month!

    September: Ready

    October: Kind

    November: Respectful

    *interactions with teachers & students, nonverbal behaviors

    December: Empathy

    January: Optimism

    *perseverance, determination 

    February: Integrity 


    March: Accountability 

    *teamwork, taking responsibility for work, absences 

    April: Inclusive 


    May: Responsible

    *advocate for yourself and others, citizenship 

  • PBIS Positive Classroom Referrals

    Positive Classroom Referrals can be given by a teacher at any time for students who are exhibiting positive behavior in class or demonstrating the 3 Rs - respectful, responsible, and ready. When students receive a Positive Classroom Referral, the grade-level dean or counselor will call home with the student to congratulate them and share the teacher's remarks!

    Check out a real example above!

  • Bus Stop Bandits

    Bus Stop Bandits is a PBIS program to promote positive behavior on our afternoon bus routes. Each week, SHMS staff travel to a different bus stop in the community at dismissal and ask the driver about students' behavior. If students score high enough, everyone at that stop receives a treat!

  • PBIS in LCPS

    Click here to learn more about Positive Behavioral Supports & Interventions (PBIS) in Loudoun County Public Schools!