Alternative School Options

    • The Academies of Loudoun

      The Academies of Loudoun is comprised of the Academy of Engineering and Technology (AET), Academy of Science (AOS), and the Monroe Advanced Technical Academy (MATA).  See their website for admissions and curriculum information. 

    • W. O. Robey High School

      W. O. Robey High School supports students to achieve academically and earn their high school diplomas with a flexible schedule to allow for work, childcare, or other demands. Students who attend W. O. Robey High School will unenroll from their home high school. Talk to your counselor if you feel this alternative placement would be a good fit!

    • The North Star School

      At the North Star School the teacher to student ratio is 10 to 1. This means students are afforded a much more personalized learning path and personalized attention. We run on a 4x4 schedule allowing students to complete 4 credits each semester on an “A-day” only schedule. Students see their teachers every day as opposed to seeing them every other day on a “A-day/B-day” schedule. Additionally we have the ability to support unique scheduling options.  

    • Virtual Loudoun

      Virtual Loudoun is comprised of two branches.  Virtual Loudoun Online provides supplemental, asynchronous online learning opportunities, and Virtual Distance Learning is a full-time, synchronous, online virtual school program.

Last Modified on February 7, 2024