• My name is Kristen Barker and I am the Special Education Dean. You will see me at Algonkian Elementary on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday mornings! This is my 16th year as an educator and I feel like I am still learning new things every year!

    I attended both Virginia Tech and George Mason University during my undergrad college career. I completed my masters degree in Leadership and Supervision from George Mason University as well. I began my teaching career in the fourth grade classroom where I loved working with my students on differentiated learning activities and growing their curiosity as problem solvers and independent thinkers. After some years in the classroom, I moved my educational journey to the gym where I spent over 10 years teaching P.E. During my time as a P.E. teacher, I worked with students of all different ages, personalities, and gifts to expand their knowledge and confidence as it relates to physical activity. I know my time spent in the classroom and in the gym has taught me a lot about my students, leading my school, and the community in which I serve.

    When I am away from school I enjoy playing sports and spending time with my family!  I have a 14 year-old daughter, 10 year-old son, and a 7 year-old daughter. They all love sports too!  Our favorite teams are the Dallas Cowboys and Washington Nationals! When I am not playing sports, coaching, or watching my own children play, I love to spend time outside and enjoy nature. 

    I am happy to be at Algonkian Elementary and I look forward to my time here!