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    Beginning in January 2024, the Department of Teaching and Learning will develop an instructional framework in collaboration with offices across Loudoun County Public Schools, school leaders, and teachers across all content areas and levels. This page will contain essential information about the Instructional Framework's purpose, our progress in developing the framework, a timeline for implementation, and opportunities for stakeholder engagement and feedback.

    What is an Instructional Framework?

    • An Instructional Framework is:

      • A shared vision of effective instruction.
      • Learner-centered.
      • Applicable across all content areas and levels.
      • The foundational piece that drives daily instructional and assessment practices.

      The Instructional Framework will answer the following questions: 

      • What do we believe about learning?
      • What dispositions and skills are essential for Loudoun County Public Schools learners?
      • What constitutes effective and meaningful teaching and learning?

    Why is an Instructional Framework Important?

    • An Instructional Framework:

      • Aligns curriculum, instruction, and assessment with district goals and provides a framework for ongoing professional learning for teachers.
      • Leads to coherent instructional practices across the district that reduce or eliminate disproportionality in student achievement outcomes for historically marginalized students.
      • Provides a way to measure progress and helps ensure that all educators in the district work together towards a common goal.

    What are the Essential Components of an Instructional Framework?


    The Vision, Mission, and Core Values of Loudoun County Public Schools that anchor the Instructional Framework are contained in the One LCPS Strategic Plan for Excellence.

    Key components are broad terms for actions taken by teachers in every classroom in Loudoun County Public Schools to create an effective teaching and learning environment. 

    Indicators further define and articulate each key component.

    Descriptions explain what the indicators look like, sound like, and feel like practice.

    Progressions articulate how LCPS educators demonstrate growth over time in implementing each key component and indicator in the Instructional Framework.


     LCPS Instructional Framework diagram: Vision, Key Components, Indicators, Descriptions, Progressions

    What Are Some Examples of Instructional Frameworks Developed by Other School Divisions?

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    Henrico County
    ublic Schools

    Baltimore County
    Public Schools

    Virginia Beach
    Public Schools

    Mesa County Valley
    School District 51

    What is the Timeline for Developing and Implementing the LCPS Instructional Framework?

    Instructional Framework Timeline


What is the Process for Developing and Implementing the LCPS Instructional Framework?

  • Building the Foundation | January-July 2024

    A Design Team, composed of staff members from across Loudoun County Public Schools, will discuss critical focus areas for the Instructional Framework and gather feedback from additional staff, families, and students. The Design Team will provide input on a design for the framework and the initial rollout of the framework in summer 2024. Moreover, a curriculum audit will be completed to assess our alignment with the Instructional Framework and provide recommendations for potential next steps.

  • Alignment of Resources | 2024-2025 School Year

    Using the results of the curriculum audit, content offices and teacher leaders will collaborate to align current resources to the recommendations of the curriculum audit and the Instructional Framework. As part of the process, school staff members will seek opportunities to streamline and simplify available resources to support administrators and school-based staff.

  • Professional Learning | 2024-2025 School Year

    The Department of Teaching and Learning, in collaboration with additional offices and school leaders, will align professional learning resources with the Instructional Framework and identify areas for growth in the supports provided to LCPS educators. Additionally, new resources, such as look-for documents to use during classroom observations, will support the initial implementation of the Instructional Framework across all LCPS schools.

  • Communication Planning | 2024-2025 School Year

    In addition to the ongoing stakeholder engagement and feedback opportunities that are essential for the development of the framework, school staff will have access to robust resources, including a website, instructional videos, and curriculum documents designed to build the knowledge base of all LCPS educators on the Instructional Framework.

  • Implementation and Monitoring | Ongoing

    During this phase, school staff members across multiple offices in LCPS will continue to create resources and provide professional learning designed to support the implementation of the framework. Classroom and teacher observation tools will be aligned to the key components and indicators of the Instructional Framework, and the Instructional Framework will be intentionally embedded in the school improvement planning process.

How Can I Stay Up to Date on the Progress of the Instructional Framework?

  • Design Team Meeting #1 | January 29, 2024

    In the first design team meeting, team members learned more about the definition of an instructional framework, the various teams contributing to the project, and the process we will use to create the framework. The team explored existing frameworks from other school divisions and began brainstorming elements of the LCPS Instructional Framework.

    Design Team Meeting #1 Recap

  • Design Team Meeting #2 | February 5, 2024

    In the second design team meeting, team members revisited the purpose of an instructional framework and reviewed input and feedback gathered since the first team meeting. Following a review of the input and feedback, they narrowed their focus to several key components that should be included in the final design of the Instructional Framework. During February, team members will reach out to their colleagues for additional feedback and engage with a variety of staff and community stakeholder groups.

    Design Team Meeting #2 Recap

  • Design Team Meeting #3 | March 1, 2024

    In the third design team meeting, team members revisited the essential components of an instructional framework, and reviewed input and feedback gathered since the second team meeting. In the feedback collected from stakeholder groups, several key components rose to the top; the Design Team examined these potential key components to refine the focus. The team also reviewed existing LCPS resources that support the framework and sought out existing indicators to further define key components. During March, team members will reach out to their colleagues for additional feedback and continue to engage with a variety of staff and community stakeholder groups in preparation for our final meeting on March 15.

    Design Team Meeting #3 Recap

  • Design Team Meeting #4 | March 15, 2024

    In the fourth and final design team meeting, the team continued to build their understanding of the purpose of an Instructional Framework. Participants reviewed a draft of indicators and added their ideas. The group brainstormed and synthesized themes and patterns from internal and external stakeholder feedback to develop guidelines for future resources that will support the Instructional Framework. Finally, the team discussed opportunities to remain involved as the project enters the next phase.

    Design Team Meeting #4 Recap

  • Stakeholder Engagement and Feedback

    During February and March, team members presented to key community stakeholder groups to inform them on the process of creating an Instructional Framework and more importantly to gather their input. Here is the presentation that was shared and here is the feedback that was received and incorporated into the process.

  • How Can I Ask Questions and Share My Feedback?

    We welcome your engagement with the development of the LCPS Instructional Framework! Please click the button below to share your questions and feedback through the Let's Talk app. Using Let's Talk allows members of the Instructional Framework Project Management Team to track the most frequently asked questions, ensure that all questions are addressed, and monitor common themes from feedback.

  • Share Your Questions and Feedback
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