Courses Requiring Applications, Auditions, or Portfolios

  • Academies of Loudoun (Advanced AET & MATA)

    Advanced Academy of Engineering & Technology (Advanced AET) is open to rising 11th grade students by application only.  For more information and the application, please visit:

    Application Deadline: February 12, 2024 

  • Art Portfolio Review

    All students begin in our visual arts program by taking Art I, unless a portfolio review is approved.  Semester art electives may be combined to substitute for Art II. 

    If you are interested in a portfolio review to skip Art I, please review the guidelines at:

    Portfolio Submission Deadline: March 22, 2024

    For more information, please contact our art teachers:


    College Achievement & Multicultural Program for Unique Students (CAMPUS): high school class taken in grades 9th-12th to support first-generation college-bound students.  Students learn about goal-setting, time management, applying to college, financial aid, scholarships, take college field trips, listen to guest speakers and more! 

    First-generation college student: parent/ guardian did not earn a college degree in the U.S.

    • If your siblings attend college, or earned a college degree, you are still considered first-generation!

    Deadline to Apply: March 1st (Apply through Student Opportunities in LCPS GO beginning January 8th)

    Info Sessions: 

    • January 25th (virtual)

    • February 5th at Independence, 6:30 pm

  • Class Helper Application

    • Only seniors may be a Class Helper. Seniors may only have one Class Helper block, and it does not earn credit.
    • Seniors should approach the teacher they would like to serve as a Class Helper first, before completing the request form.
    • Any student requesting to be a Class Helper should complete the request form at:
    • Once the form is received by the school counselor, the teacher must verify that they agree to the student serving as a Class Helper.
    • Forms should be submitted by May 1, 2024.  If a form is not received by May 1, the Class Helper block will be changed to a Study Hall.

  • Dual Enrollment (DE)

    For Dual Enrollment course registration information, please visit:

  • Early Release & Late Arrival Information

    • Any student requesting early release or late arrival must have a parent/guardian submit a Waiver of Full Day Scheduling form at: 
    • Forms should be submitted by May 1.  If a form is not received by May 1, the early release or late arrival blocks will be changed to Study Hall.

    Information for 12th Grade Students:

    • Seniors may have up to 3 early release or late arrival blocks as long as they can fulfill all remaining graduation requirements with 5-credit bearing classes. 
    • Seniors must be enrolled in at least 5 credit-bearing classes to remain full-time enrolled.
    • If a senior has not yet fulfilled any of the following graduation requirements, they should have at least one Study Hall in their schedule to allow time for remediation:
      • Passed a CTE credential OR AP, Honors, or DE course
      • Completed the First Aid/CPR training
      • Earned 5 verified credits needed for graduation (1 math, 1 science, 1 history, 2 English)

    Information for 9th - 11th Grade Students:

    • 9th - 11th grade students are not permitted to have early release or late arrival, unless it is an exceptional circumstance approved by administration.
    • Underclassmen are encouraged to speak with their school counselor about requests for early release or late arrival.

  • PEER Application

    PEER Application due March 22, 2024

    • Open to rising 10th - 12th grade students with a good citizenship record.
    • Intended for students who love helping others, who are empathetic and sensitive to the needs of others, open-minded and non-judgmental,respect privacy and confidentiality, and eager to help create a positive, inclusive, and affirming community at Indy.
    • PEER is not graded and does not earn credit. Students can take PEER instead of study hall.
    • What to expect from PEER:
      • Develop leadership, communication, collaboration, listening, and mentoring skills
      • Mentor elementary students at Madison’s Trust Elementary
      • Welcome new students to Independence
    • Application is due by March 22, 2024:
        • Students can submit an application at: 
        • 2 teacher recommendations are required - students need to request the letters from their teachers and the link will be sent out to all teachers
    • For more information, please reach out to the following staff members:

  • Performing Arts Courses

    Band & United Sound:

    • Placement is based on audition.
    • United Sound is reserved for students in 10th-12th grade who are empathetic, patient, kind, inclusive, and want to help students with special abilities learn how to play an instrument.
    • Students can take United Sound as one of their 7 classes for credit/grade or as their 8th class in place of study hall/early release for no credit/grade.
    • For more info:

    Guitar & Orchestra:

    • Placement is based on audition.
    • For more info:
      • Ms. Driscoll (


    • Theater I, II, III, IV do not require audition. Students interested in acting and performance are encouraged to register.
    • Technical Theater I and II do not require an audition. Students interested in lights, sound, and stage design are encouraged to register.
    •  Musical Theater requires an audition.
      • Only rising 10th-12th, based on audition.
      • Students will be involved in a musical production, so it requires a significant time extracurricular time commitment.
    • For more information:
      • Mr. Noland (

  • SCA Application

    Students who are interested in joining the Independence High School Student Council Association (SCA) should carefully review the following information.

    • SCA is open to rising 10th - 12th grade students with a 2.5+ GPA and good citizenship record
    • Students must love Indy! It’s intended for students who want to work together to make a positive impact on our school, build community, and help create a supportive and fun culture at our school.
    • Students in SCA are required to take a course, Student Leadership.  This is a graded, credit-bearing course which focuses on leadership development, communication and collaboration, project management, and community engagement.
    • What to expect from SCA & Student Leadership:
      • Develop leadership, communication, collaboration, and project management skills
      • Plan activities like homecoming,spirit weeks, pep rallies, Indy Live talent show, Tigers &Tiara’s faculty pageant
    • Students interested in SCA must complete an application.  Applications are due by March 22, 2024. 
      • The application is view only, and students should make a copy of the application and save it to their Google Drive.
      • Students will upload and submit their completed application at: 
      • 2 teacher recommendations are required - students are expected to provide the link to their teachers. Link for teachers to submit recommendations: 
    • For more information, please reach out to Mr. Ellis, SCA Sponsor, at

  • Teacher Cadet I DE

    For more information about Teacher Cadet, please visit:

    Application Deadline: January 31, 2024 (opens December 1, 2023)

    Students who are accepted in the LCPS Teacher Cadet program are immersed in project-based learning experiences through observations and an internship with an LCPS teacher at the elementary or middle school level. Students who successfully complete Teacher Cadet I & II DE will receive a letter of intent from LCPS HRTD. If students successfully complete a teacher education program and earn their license,students have the letter of intent for a position in LCPS.

    • Teacher Cadet is dual enrolled with Shenandoah University. Earns EDUC 210 (3 credits) and EDUC 310 (3 credits).
    • Students interested in being considered for Teacher Cadet must submit an interest form. Students can express interest in the LCPS Student Opportunities portal through LCPS Go. 
      • Open to rising 11th grade students 
      • Teacher Cadet is a 2-year commitment that students take in both 11th and 12th grade.
      • 2 teacher recommendations are required - students will provide names and addresses in the interest form.
    • For more information, please reach out to our teacher for Teacher Cadet, Mrs. Cooper at

Last Modified on December 15, 2023