• Welcome Panthers!
    We are looking forward to an awesome school year!
    On this page you will find all the Panther teachers contact information, school supply list (very similar to other teams) and the team homework calendar.
     Keep checking back for updates ....remember homework and upcoming important dates are listed on the TEAM calendar not individual teacher calendars!
      The Panther Team would like to welcome you to Mercer Middle School.  Middle school is different from elementary school in that middle school is based on a “team” concept.  Teaming is designed to address the unique educational, social, and emotional needs of the middle school student, all the while providing a nurturing and caring environment for each individual.  Each team consists of a core group of teachers, in addition to the sixth grade counselors and dean. The team is divided between our two English teachers, and will share the same History, Science, and Math teacher.                                                                

    We are looking forward to a great year!

    Teacher Websites    

    Ms. Svensson     English
    Ms. Wools          Math
    Mr. Fontain        Science
    Mrs. Sassak       Social Studies 
    Mrs. James        English