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    MSAAC Delegates

    School delegates play an important role in achieving the mission, vision and goals of the committee. MSAAC relies on community volunteers to serve as delegates and alternates from each LCPS.

    School delegates to MSAAC:

    • Attend MSAAC general body meetings and share the information and experience with their respective home schools.
    • Represent and advocate for the particular needs of minority students within your home school.
    • Comprise the body of voting MSAAC members for MSAAC board elections or bylaw amendments

    We welcome your involvement!

    Want to learn more? If you are interested in serving as your school’s delegate or alternate to MSAAC, please contact the MSAAC Vice Chair.

    Delegate FAQ:

    What does MSAAC expect from delegates/alternates before, during and after monthly meetings?

    • Liaison:
        • Get to know your home school. Talk with school principal and/or school administration about the topics discussed at MSAAC Membership meeting.
        • Share related school data or insights gathered from participation in PTA or PTSO and through conversations with teachers and parents.
        • Discuss school needs &/or concerns that should be shared at the next MSAAC Membership meeting.
        • Share ideas or propose new areas of focus that impact student learning and achievement.

    • Participate and Share:
        • Attend monthly MSAAC General Body meetings. Where Delegates ask questions, share ideas, suggest solutions and brainstorm with their cluster.
        • As a parent representative, Delegates are the eyes and ears of your school and as a result your insights and ideas are essential to the success of MSAAC.
Last Modified on November 15, 2023