Upcoming Events
  • School Counseling Upcoming Events

    Below is  the 2023-2024 School Counseling list of events. You can also see our events on our calendar.

    1st Quarter

    3rd Quarter  

    • Jan. 23rd: Field Trip to Academies
    • Jan. 31st: Course Selection Kick-Off Video - Advisory
    • Feb. 1st-2nd: College & Career Readiness 11th Grade
    • Feb. 7th: Electives Fair - Extended Advisory
    • Feb. 7th: Curriculum Night & Rising 9th Grade Info Night @ 6:30-7PM,  7-8PM (all students)
    • Feb. 13th: Counselor Coffee 8 AM (Google Meet Link)  
    • Feb. 14th: 12 Grade Career Inventory-SchooLinks During Advisory
    • Feb. 20th-27th: Course Selection for rising Seniors
    • Feb. 26th: Q3 Interims
    • Feb. 28th-Mar. 7th: Course Selection SY 23/24 for rising Juniors
    • Mar. 8th-15th: Course Selection  SY 23/24 for rising Sophomores
    • Mar. 12th: Counselor Coffee 8 AM (Google Meet Link)  
    • Mar. 18th-19th: Course Selection SY 23/24 Make Up Dates
    • Mar. 19th: College Night @ RVHS for Rising Seniors @ 7:00 PM
    • Mar. 22nd: Rising 9th Grade Expo @ 9-11:30 AM
    • Apr. 1st-2nd: 10th Grade SchooLinks Lesson (Find Your Path/Would You Rather) 
    • Apr. 4th: End of Q3

    2nd Quarter  

    • Nov. 9th-10th: Signs of Suicide Lessons-9th Grade PE
    • Nov. 14th: Counselor Coffee 8 AM (Google Meet Link)  
    • Nov. 15th: Advisory Council @ 8-8:45 AM
    • Nov. 16th: What's Next Fair @ 11 AM- 12:40 PM
    • Nov. 27th-28th: Signs of Suicide Lessons-10th Grade PE
    • Nov. 30th: Academies of Loudoun Visit (for students in grades 9-11)
    • Dec. 1st: Academies of Loudoun Visit (for students in grades 9-11)  
    • Dec. 4th: Q2 Interims
    • Dec. 7th-8th: Signs of Suicide Lessons-11th Grade HIS
    • Dec. 12th: Counselor Coffee 8 AM (Google Meet Link)
    • Dec. 14th: Excellence Breakfast-Top 5% Seniors-Cafeteria 8:30-9:30 AM
    • Jan. 4th-5th: Signs of Suicide Lessons-12th Grade ENG
    • Jan. 9th: Counselor Coffee 8 AM (Google Meet Link)
    • Jan. 9th: Counselors visit Farmwell's Rising 9th Grade @ 9-10 AM
    • Jan. 11th: FAFSA Night @ Riverside HS, 6:30-8PM
    • Jan. 19th: End of Q2

    4th Quarter  

    • Apr. 8th-9th: 9th Grade SchooLinks (Activities Tab Learning Plan/How to Explore Careers)
    • Apr. 9th: Counselor Coffee 8 AM (Google Meet Link)
    • May 1st: 12th Grade Decision Day
    • May 2nd-3rd: 11th Grade (Activities Learning Tab/Planning)
    • May 6th: Q4 Interims
    • May 6th-10th: AP Testing
    • May 13th-17th: AP Testing
    • May 15th: Advisory Council @ 8-8:45 AM
    • May 20th-June 6th: Senior Capstone
    • May 28th: Counselor Coffee 8 AM (Google Meet Link)
    • May 28th-29th: 10th Grade Lesson
    • May 30th-31st: 9th Grade End of Year Lesson (Find Your Path/Would You Rather)
    • June 10th: Senior Awards & Scholarship Ceremony @ 8:30-11 AM
    • June 12th: All School Awards @ 9:30 AM
    • June 13th: Graduation Rehearsal
    • June 14th: Last Day of School
    • June 15th: Broad Run Graduation-Eagle Bank Arena 10 AM

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