• Policies are determined at a county-wide and school-wide level. Select each of the tabs to find out more about our circulation procedures, how to pay for lost or damaged books, and how materials are selected for our library.

Book Checkout

  • Each class visits the library each week on a specific day. One week, students will have a 50-minute lesson & checkout time. The following week, students will have a 10-15 minute checkout time only. Make sure you know which day is your child's library day, so you can help them return on this day every week in order to get new books.

    During the first month of library, all classes go through a Library Orientation. They will learn how to find books in the library, check out books, return books, organization of the library, routines of library class, and the rules and expectations.

    Student Checkout: Students can checkout a book anytime! At the Discovery Library, we have open checkout from 7:10-2:10. Students can simply ask their classroom teacher for permission to come to the library. Students will also have the opportunity to checkout each week during their regular scheduled library class.

    Number of Books Each Grade Can Checkout at One Time:

    • Kindergarten: 1 Book
    • 1st Grade: 2 Books
    • 2nd-5th Grade: 3 Books

    Book Return: Circulation time for a book is 2 weeks. At the 2 week mark, the book needs to be returned (or renewed). To return a book, students have 2 options:

    1. Return to the special library bin in their classroom which will be placed in the hallway every morning for our library helpers to collect.
    2. If the student immediately wants to get a new book, they will need to walk the book to the library and place it in the library "Book Drop" located at the circulation desk and then they can browse for a new one to checkout!

    Renewing a Book: Students have the option to RENEW a book. If it has been 2 weeks and the book is due back but the student wants to continue to read it, they simply must walk it back to the library and check it out again. They can do this during their regular library time or outside of their library time by asking their teacher for permission.

    I look forward to your children discovering new books every week throughout the year!

Payment for Lost/Damaged Books