Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Division’s plan for rebranding?

    The Division is in the process of a five phased plan - 

    • Phase 1 began in 2022 and continued through the Design Challenge in spring, 2023; it included market research and design. Results were presented to the School Board in June, 2023.

    • Phase 2, Pre-Launch Preparation, took place from July 2023 - September 2023, beginning with final logo design and review. Phase 2 included development of a launch plan, comprehensive brand guidelines, a teaser campaign and brand rollout plan for implementation in Phase 3.

    • Phase 3 will officially launch the new logo, debuting at a Loudoun County School Board meeting September 26, 2023. The public will see a takeover of digital Loudoun County Public Schools’ (LCPS) platforms. On September 27, community members and partners will be able to retrieve the new logo to update materials from a dedicated webpage with logo files and guidelines for use. 

    • Phase 4, the Continued Launch, will follow the September School Board meeting and build Division awareness. Staff training will be conducted between October and December 2023, during which digital assets will be transitioned, “train the trainer” modules will be completed for principals and Senior Leadership, and continuous progress and feedback monitoring will be noted for sustainability.

    • Phase 5 will include a Post-Launch Promotion beginning in 2024. LCPS will continue to interact with the community after the introductory launch to ensure awareness moves to engagement with and usage of the brand. LCPS will publish more content, analyze launch activities, and review and respond to feedback.

    When is this change happening?

    Starting in September 2023

    Will the Division logo change? 

    Yes. The Division will no longer use the county seal. The new logo is now a current, timeless logo representing a clear vision.

    Why now? 

    The School Board expressed a desire to investigate updating the logo as early as 2021.  The research was conducted in 2022 into 2023, with a student design challenge in the spring of 2023. Moving forward with a logo redesign is a visual representation of engaging, enriching and empowering LCPS students, staff and community through public education. 

    How were the colors chosen? 

    The research and stakeholder feedback revealed values which created a clear and timeless vision of LCPS. The new look builds upon the old by adding a new, contemporary feel relevant to today and for a bright future. The quadrant arrangement and banner detail pay homage to the previous seal.

    The colors are reflective of the values, and create a vibrant palette for digital platforms and printed materials. Colors also needed to be ADA compliant to help make LCPS content 
    accessible for all.

    The new colors represent the following:

    • Vibrant Red: Embodies excellence and innovation. It pays homage to the red in the county seal.

    • Apricot: Represents knowledge and honors diversity and sense of community.

    • Airy Blue: Exemplifies the LCPS commitment to trust-building and all six values.

    • Purple Navy: Balances a sense of creativity grounded in agility and opportunity.

    How much money did the Division spend for the rebrand?

    LCPS paid $52,500 to Sage Communications out of the FY21-22 budget.

    LCPS spent $28,953.42 out of the FY23-24 budget for merchandise to share with all 98 schools and more than 13,000 staff.

    The initial phase of the new logo rollout was largely the transition of digital or on-demand assets and incurred no additional costs to the school division. This includes replacing the logos on the division website, social media accounts, etc.

    Materials scheduled for replacement, such as business cards and vehicle decals, will be substituted with the new logo during their natural, planned replacement cycle, thereby not costing any additional funds.

    Will the Division need/ask for more money for the rebrand? 

    • Initial phases of the rollout are largely a transition of digital or on-demand assets, and incur little or no additional cost. 

    • Materials scheduled for replacement will substitute the new logo within their natural and planned replacement cycle. 

    • Any determination for larger brand asset updates will wait until Phase 5 which will likely fall beyond the 2024-25 budget cycle. 

    Will the Division website change? 

    • Yes, the look and logo will be updated with the new design. Transitioning the website will be a phased approach, starting with the presentation layer (also known as the public viewing, front-end), the logic layer (also known as the back-end) and the data layer.

    • Immediately, website visitors will see new colors and logo across pages they visit. Updates will be ongoing until all pages and functions are inline with the new brand guidelines that accompany the design.

    What about social media accounts? 

    The account names will remain the same. Logo placement and any related colors will shift to the new branding after the September 26 launch.

    What is the expected impact or outcome of a rebrand for education, schools and communities?

    • Rebranding is an investment that increases stakeholder engagement and satisfaction.  It is an opportunity to develop a clearly defined brand image, which allows the Division to craft compelling brand messaging specifically for the LCPS community.  It also sets LCPS apart from other Divisions and clearly conveys the values and work of the Division.

    • It is important to note that the 98 schools and 3 programs across the division have their own well-developed mascots and marketing representations. Those will not be affected. 

    • Where schools or programs use the Division logo, usually in conjunction with their own, the community will see the new Division logo.

    Will the new logo be on transcripts, diplomas, etc?

    Transcripts are produced both digitally and on paper. The division logo will be updated on these formats where appropriate. Diplomas will continue as is, with the school and county seals.

    Has LCPS' mission statement changed? Is “Empowering All Students to Make Meaningful Contributions…” being replaced with “Engage. Empower. Enrich." 

    • Our mission statement has not changed. That is part of the One LCPS Strategic Plan, and is school board approved.  

    • “Engage .Empower. Enrich.” is the result of the extensive brand research project and was included as an element in the parameters of the 2023 Design Challenge project. 

    I have questions not included here. Who do I contact?

    Contact the Department of Communications and Community Engagement.

Last Modified on November 2, 2023