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  • Ryan Bartel Foundation Teen Hangout

    The FORT Hangout offers a safe and supportive space for teens aged 13-18 to connect with other teens in person, reducing feelings of isolation and helping them realize they are not alone. 

    Teens lead the way chatting about things on their minds, whether school, identity, life stressors, or anything else important to them, and are moderated by a mental health professional who can offer additional emotional support.

    This program is for teens who want support and are willing to support each other and engage with the group.

    The FORT Hangout is open to any teen aged 13-18 and provides optional meeting times, locations and groups. Registration is required.

    For details and registration, please visit:

    (If your family is navigating financial hardship please outreach to or and we can make arrangements for assistance for you with the registration fees.)

  • for Mental Health Support

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    LCPS has partnered with to provide parents with access to online courses and seminars that will help them support their child’s mental health. Parents/guardians can access’s videos anytime to help find solutions to mental health, emotional or developmental challenges. parent coaches are also available to work with parents/guardians individually for up to 30 minutes per week via Zoom. These resources are free, and parents/guardians remain completely anonymous when using them.

    Access these resources by visiting or’s Parent Coaching page to sign up for parent coaching. LCPS is providing these resources and services to promote the well-being of our students and their families and to foster a collaborative and supportive environment with no barriers to access.

  • CareSolace Mental Health Care Coordination

    LCPS has partnered with to provide students, staff and families with free support in finding help needed to address depression, anxiety, stress and more.

    Visit their LCPS site for more details:

    If you have questions about this resource or need further assistance, please let us know:

    For students in grades 6-11: Ms., Virtual Distance Learning School Counselor
    For students in grade 12: Ms., Director of School Counseling

  • Common Sense Media: Parents' Ultimate technology guides

    Guidance for questions about the online platforms students are wanting to access through their mobile devices including:

    • Is Snapchat safe?
    • What is Discord all about?
    • What privacy settings are available on TikTok?

    Common Sense Media Parents' Ultimate Guides

  • PSAT Scores: Accessing and Understanding

    For directions and resources on how to access your 2023 PSAT scores and understand what they mean, here is some helpful information.

  • Morgan's Message

    An online resource that supports eliminating the stigma surrounding mental health within the student-athlete community.

    This includes the Mental Matchup, a podcast sharing stories of the mental health journeys of student athletes.

  • James Madison University Admissions Presentation from October 18, 2023

    Chris Carlberg, Associate Director for Recruitment in the JMU Office of Admissions shared a virtual admissions presentation on 10/18/23.

    Here is the link to the presentation slide deck

    For additional JMU-related assistance, email

  • Some of the nation's top colleges are eliminating student loans:

    • In the wake of the battle over student loan forgiveness, a growing number of colleges are eliminating education debt from the outset. 
    • Roughly two dozen schools now have “no-loan” policies, which means they will meet 100% of an undergraduate’s need for financial aid with grants rather than student loans.

    To review the full article (published 10/14/23) from the CNBC website:

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