Once your application has been submitted, you will only be able to update your profile information, so please review your application carefully before submitting it. This includes the following:

    • A complete and accurate listing of your employment history: You are advised to be thorough with your employment history. A resume should be attached if the employment history is more extensive than the fields provided.

    • Please add a minimum of TWO professional references, including your current or most recent supervisor. Professional references should include individuals unrelated to you who can respond to questions related to your job performance. LCPS will primarily contact your professional references via email. Applications are not considered complete until at least two professional references have been returned. At least one reference must be from the most recent principal, supervisor, cooperating teacher, or employer. If you have been self-employed, consider clients, customers, or managers. The other reference must be from individuals qualified to assess your work performance. Supervisors, coworkers, cooperating teachers, and professors are examples of appropriate professional references. A friend is not considered a professional reference unless that friend is your coworker. If you have not been employed, consider those who have seen your work in a volunteer capacity. It is the applicant's responsibility to provide valid e-mail addresses and follow up on receiving professional references. If you have a question about references, please get in touch with the SubCentral Office. Applicants who do not provide appropriate references will not be considered for employment.

    Current Part-Time Employees Interested in Becoming a Substitute: If you are a current part-time LCPS employee, you must apply for a substitute job posting on the website before being cleared to substitute. Please apply for the job posting for CURRENT EMPLOYEES ONLY. Depending on your current role, you may be asked to complete the STEDI Assessment and additional mandatory training. We will complete a reference check with your current supervisor.  If hired into the Substitute role, then all other onboarding tasks will be waived. 


    Current Full-Time Employees Interested in Becoming a Substitute: If you are a current full-time employee, you must formally apply for the substitute vacancy through the TalentEd Applicant tracking system.  You may be asked to complete the STEDI Assessment as part of the hiring process. Additionally, a reference check will be completed by contacting your current supervisor. Upon your application status being changed to “hired” for the substitute vacancy, you will then need to complete the voluntary separation form in Oracle for your current role. Please note that if your substitute application status has not changed to “hired” before your separation date, you may be required to complete the full onboarding process.

    Retired Employees: On behalf of LCPS, we want to thank our retired employees for their years of service. We value your experience and expertise and would love for you to consider becoming a substitute. To work as a substitute, retirees must have a bona fide break in service for at least one full calendar month from the retirement date. Periods of leave with or without pay, including educational leave, sabbaticals, and intersession periods, do not count toward satisfying the bona fide break in service. If you are a nine-, 10- or 11-month contracted employee, summer breaks also do not satisfy this break. Therefore, after completing the 30-day separation, you will need to apply for the substitute position and complete the full hiring and onboarding process. Depending on your previous employment, you may be exempt from completing the STEDI Assessment in the hiring process.


Last Modified on May 21, 2024